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Imagine your next door neighbours are fascist?

October 19, 2012

Imagine that if you lived in or visited towns where you had to be aware that at any moment the fascist bastards in the territory next door would fire a rocket and as soon as you heard ‘code red, code red’ then you would need to find the nearest air raid shelter, and fast (1) (1a).

Imagine bag searches at churches, synagogues, temples, shopping centres and bus stations. Imagine drinking in a pub where the bouncer carries a side arm, and for good reason, the pub had been the subject of a terrorist attack in the past. (2)

Imagine being surrounded by nations under the grip of fascism, a fascism that spews out people so damaged that they can think of nothing but causing the deaths of others on the order of their chronologically distant ‘Führer’.

Imagine a wedding or other family celebration ending in death and tragedy because of a brainwashed fascist infiltrator. (3)

Imagine a fascist soldier killing an infant and boasting of it and being celebrated for it in the fascist nation. (4)

Imagine suffering all this horror, all this death, all this hatred but still you dream of being left alone to live life in peace. Consider how also while under attack, your people sets about creating a dynamic, democratic country. A country where even the home born followers of fascism get their day in court. A country whose universities and technical establishments are of world renown, and where this society has been built from the ground up by the remnant of a people who survived one of the greatest man-made disasters in history. To suffer all this but still to be able to build all this, whilst still holding onto democracy and the rule of law, to me looks like a miracle

Imagine then, that you are an Israeli.

Israel deserves support from anti jihadists and freedom advocates in the West, firstly because Israeli’s are in the front line in the current phase of the 1400 year-long battle between the Islamic world and the West. Islam hates Jews with a passion not equalled until the rise of Hitler. Someone who enjoyed reading Mein Kampf would probably also enjoy the Jew-hatred that pervades the Koran and other Islamic writings.

Whatever the Left say, the dispute between the Israelis and the so-called Palestinians is not about land, if it was about land then the dispute may have been laid to rest decades ago. The main driver of the hatred for Israel from the Islamic states is the utter disgust that Islam feels about the very existence of Jews. Islam may hate Christians but it hungers for the utter destruction of the Jews. Islam as fascist race-hate, it’s that simple. Adolf and Mo would have got on like a house on fire I reckon such was the similarity of mindset and the depths of their inherent hatred.

Secondly we in the West should also support Israel because it is a democratic oasis in a desert of fascist states containing various degrees of violent agitation. We in Britain, were once alone also surrounded by nations occupied by fascist armies trying to choke us, we should see that Israel is another democratic nation which is now in a similar position and offer support and assistance. Israel although imperfect, as are all nations, is a lighthouse of decency compared to the nations that border it.

Personally I cannot think of anything more startling a global call for resistance against Islamic fascism than for Britain to stop trying to sell weapons to the bearded savage nations, kick the arabists out of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and replace them with realists, and start treating Israel as a much closer ally than she has been in the past. It could benefit both our nations especially with possible hydrocarbon deposits being found in Israel and complimentary technical and research entities in both nations.(5)

Third reason for supporting Israel goes beyond the geopolitical reasons and relates to the ethical and moral matter of the promises that many people made when they first saw the full horrors of the Nazi’s Final Solution. A great collective cry of Never Again’ went up, from the great and the good, to the ordinary man on the Clapham omnibus, a promise that nobody in the future would endure what the Jews of Europe endured..

If that collective vow of Never Again is to be meaningful then we in the free nations must not sit by and do nothing while the Islamic world plans the next Holocaust against the Jews. The UN can’t be relied upon to prevent this, the UN has been hopeless in other genocides for example in Rwanda. Only the free nations working together cooperatively can defeat bearded savagery.

We must support Israel, not unconditionally (no nation is perfect), as with any nation Britain can be a critical friend, but we must support Israel in its struggle against Islamic fascism. If we do not defeat Islamic fascism then the phrase ‘Never Again’ will have become meaningless and the armies of Dar al Islam will not stop with killing the Jews, it will be you next. Feeding the Jew to the Islamic crocodile will not prevent the non Jew from being eaten, not this time. The more mentalist followers of Islam hate not only the Jews, but Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and everything else that the headcases determine ‘isn’t Islam’.

If you remember the Armenians(6) as do I and you recall as do I what the Islamic Turks did to them then you will see why Israel should be supported.



1 List of Arab rocket attacks on Israel 2012,_2012

1a Casualty figures and other data on the rocket attacks on the Israeli Defence Forces blog

2 Attack on Mikes Place bar Tel Aviv, Israel’s_Place_suicide_bombing

3 Anniversary of bombing of Passover celebration

4 The disgusting child killer Samir Kuntar

5 New oil and gas deposits found in Israel

6 The Armenian Genocide. The genocide committed by the Turks against the Armenians that killed over 1.5 million of the 2.5 million Armenians who resided in the Ottoman Empire. The lack of action taken by the international community against the Turks possibly encouraged Hitler to consider aggressive war and the mass murder of the Jews and others in the Third Reich. Hitler is alleged to have said ‘who now remembers the Armenians’.

Details on Armenian Genocide

More details

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