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Playing the ball and not the man

October 17, 2012

If anyone was to ask me why I’m so insistent on this blog and elsewhere on attacking Islam the philosophy and religious-political movement, but calling for Muslim individuals to be left alone, then my reasoning would be based on two points

Firstly, the average Muslim probably just wants to go to work and raise their families in peace, they may even quietly believe that the main features of Islam are complete gibberish, as you may believe the more outlandish parts of your own spiritual path are gibberish. In other words the individual Muslim is to be given the same human respect that you, yourself would expect. We are all human. To use a very old analogy, not all Germans during WWII were active Nazis, some people just kept their heads down. Therefore not every Muslim individual is a ticking bomb. The Religion of Peace website put it better than I could when they said: ‘Do not judge Islam by the Muslims you know and do not judge Muslims by the Islam you know.’

The second reason why I stick the boot into the ideology and not the individual is that because of the violent nature of Islam it is like a prison for many people who were born Muslim, especially if they are considered as ‘other’ by their co-religionists.

Islam therefore is a prison if you are a woman, or a free thinker, or a Darwinian, or gay, or you want to reform the religion or any number of things that we in the non Muslim world do not consider an issue. Islam contains within it deliberate handicaps on those it deems lesser than a Muslim man, the word of a woman is worth less than a man and she is disadvantaged in inheritance as well. Add onto that the Shariah admonitions to beat women and treat them like dirt and you can see pretty clearly how the prison analogy works. The world of Shariah compliant Islam is a world where women who attempt to assert themselves can be beaten, mutilated, ‘disappeared’ forced into marriage, sold or killed.

Even speaking out in favour of Darwinism and saying that there is no conflict with religion gets a person hounded out of the Mosque in one instance. Don’t even think of being gay in an orthodox Islamic environment, your life will not be long if you do that, especially if you live in a bearded savage nation like Iran, and woe betide if you leave Islam as this entitles the person to the most severe punishments.

Islam it’s like its own self contained mobile prison camp where the other inmates are also the jailers and the grasses as well. Things are bleak for an Islamic free thinker.

Can you understand why there may be many who may want to be free of Islam but who are very scared of doing so?

Would you want to live in an Islamic community or an Islamic country? I know I wouldn’t either but what about those who are born Muslim and want to get out for whatever reason, should they not be helped to get out from their jailers?

The first thing that needs to be done is for the Government and local authorities to stop listening to religiously conservative ‘community leaders’ and start looking after the rights of individuals, and treating individuals as equal under the law and stop this damaging multiculturalist folly of ‘group rights’. It seems when group rights are promoted then the rights of individuals diminish. This must make it more difficult for those under pressure to contemplate leaving the Islamic death cult, because the Law is perceived under multiculturalism to defend the group not the individual.

Attack the fascistic politics and inverted morals of Islam as much as you need to, mock Islam and mock Mohammed, campaign against Islamic terrorism or particular Islamic groups, speak out about the spread of Islam and the violence of Islamic culture. Attack the ideology but leave the innocent individuals alone. It is right in my mind to attack the ideology but do not forget that there are many within Islamic communities who are just as frightened of the bearded savages as anybody else is. Don’t kick the innocent along with the guilty.

Do not attack the inmates when liberating the prison. Always play the ball and not the man.


Note: There will be more ‘leaving Islam’ resources coming this way soon. Watch this space. 

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    I think you and I are going to ruck over this one till they carry us off in boxes! : )
    We might not have thought that ALL Germans were Nazis, but we bombed the sods flat all the same; do you think every Luftwaffe pilot who bombed Coventry and the East End was a Nazi? But they ALL WERE THE ENEMY.
    There may well be some soft and fluffy muslims, but where are they? We don’t see them in counter demos to the swivel eyed loons,we don’t see themsaying as how some 7th century practices are probably not all that in 2012.
    Until we do see this, guess what? I will treat them as my Dad and others treated the Germans, they are ALL THE ENEMY.
    The one who needs to change and accomodate is not me but them.
    Islam Delanda Est!

    • I agree we are going to be on opposite sides in this argument.

      My view is tempered by the knowledge of what happened to innocent British people of German extraction during WW1. I don’t want that to happen to the average Joe Mohammed which is why I’ll call against treating all Muslims as the enemy. Don’t forget Islam is a prison for many Muslims.

      I agree with you that it is instructive that we haven’t seen mass demos by British Muslims against terror or shariah. Some of that refusal to stick head over parapet may be due to fear of the loons in their own community but I worry the support for Islamic expansionism may be a bigger minority of the Islamic community than we think. Certainly the 2006 Pew Social Attitudes survey showed a worryingly large minority (35% IIRC) who approved of Shariah Law.

      That said however, knowing of the existence of Taqiyya, it is probably wise to not take as 100% truth Islamic apologists. When a follower of Islam tells me that Islam is peaceful I can find plenty of evidence that points otherwise.

  2. Matt permalink

    “To use a very old analogy, not all Germans during WWII were active Nazis, some people just kept their heads down.”

    Not all Germans were active Nazis but all Nazis were Nazis, active or not.

    All Muslims are Muslims

    Muslims in the West have the choice of leaving their violent, intolerant, and aggressive religion, It may not be an easy choice, given that they will likely be excluded from the circle of their muslim family and friends, and may even face threats of violence and murder, but it is still an available choice.

    If they choose to stay within the religion then they are as deserving of contempt and blame as any member of the Nazi party was.

    As to those Muslims who remain Muslims because they don’t know or understand the nature of their religion, having not bothered themselves to read the Hadiths etc, well more fool them for making their purchase without having walked the full length of the counter.

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