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Bearded savages of the day. Number 20. Extra Swiss edition

October 15, 2012

Switzerland probably brings up for many, a host of clichéd images such as cuckoo clocks, cow bells and dodgy bank accounts for example. You wouldn’t expect aggrieved, hair-trigger offence taking screaming bearded savagery to come up when the name ‘Switzerland’ is mentioned.

However the Swiss bearded savages are screaming offence over the cross shape on the livery of the Swiss national airline.

The 20 Minutes Online website from Switzerland said (English and French): – excuse electronic translation.

The last campaign of the Swiss carrier does not go unnoticed. On large format posters plastered across the Sarine, is the Swiss flag, accompanied by the slogan “Kreuz ist Trumpf.” Which literally means “the cross is an asset,” or “clover asset” for fans of jass, the traditional card game. A double meaning is not to be understood by everyone.

Muslims in Switzerland have reacted strongly to this view. On some forums, users rebelled against the Swiss do and that reference to the “cross”, not the “Swiss cross” reports “Der Sonntag” . The virulence of the Internet is not surprising Turkish journalist Cemil Baysal. So shortly after the excitement caused in the Muslim world by the film “Innocence of Muslims”, “Muslims feel that many Christian slogan as a provocation and an attack against Islam.”

Swiss, for its part, says that his campaign carries no religious or political message. 

La dernière campagne de publicité du transporteur helvétique ne passe pas inaperçue. Sur des affiches grand format placardées outre-Sarine, apparaît le drapeau suisse, accompagné du slogan «Kreuz ist Trumpf». Ce qui signifie littéralement «la croix est un atout», ou «trèfle atout», pour les adeptes du jass, le traditionnel jeu de carte. Un double sens qui n’a pas dû être compris par tout le monde.

Des musulmans de Suisse ont vivement réagi à ce visuel. Sur certains forums, les internautes s’insurgent contre le fait que Swiss fasse ainsi référence à la «croix», et non à la «croix suisse», rapporte «Der Sonntag». La virulence des internautes n’étonne guère le journaliste turc Cemil Baysal. Aussi peu de temps après l’émotion causée dans le monde musulman par le film «Innocence of Muslims», «beaucoup de musulmans ressentent ce slogan chrétien comme une provocation et une atteinte contre l’islam.»

Swiss, pour sa part, assure que sa campagne ne porte aucun message religieux ou politique. 

Even in Switzerland the bearded savages are whining and throwing the toys out of the pram. If it’s not a film they are whining about, it’s a book, if it’s not a book it’s shape they don’t like, they don’t like women, gays, free speech, alcohol, bacon or constitutions. The more the followers of Islam whine and moan and act like they are entitled to the moon on a stick then the more non-Muslims will turn against Islam and vote out permanently those idiot politicians who have appeased Islam for far too long.


Hat Tip

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Why would the Swiss give the most remote intangible shit what a ‘slim likes or thinks? Why do they even let the filth of islam into their (previously) lovely country? Oh well, perhaps the ‘slims will discover just why the Swiss were once the most feared mercenaries in Europe, don’t all able bodied men still keep a fully automatic weapon at home in case of invasion – BY LAW.

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    Why should they be popular? The population of the ‘slims has trebled in the last 15 years, I wonder how many of them contribute to the society. Why do the Swiss have any? It’s not like they were a colonial power and owe these scum right of entry is it.

    • farenheit211 permalink

      It seems sometimes that the followers of Islam go out of their way to make themselves unpopular. If you look at the balance sheet I believe it costs the UK 18bn in benefits/housing/security costs to keep our Islamic ghettos functioning. If anyone cares about individual rights then they should campaign for the breaking up of Islamic ghettos and the replacement of multiculturalism with a vigorous assimilation policy. Anyone who refuses to work is out the door. The Islamic gravy train needs to be parked in a siding.

      The killer blow to Islam in the West would be the refusal to bow to group rights and instead empower the individual. This empowerment of the individual is what the mad mullahs fear because Islamic communities are prisons. They are prisons for the free thinking, prisons for children, prisons for women, prisons for the liberal minded, prisons for those who wish to reinterpret their holy books, prisons for those who believe in Darwinism, prisons for those who wish to leave.

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