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You know things are bad when…..

October 13, 2012

………..Jews, even those Jews who sit on the nationalist right of the political spectrum start saying ‘The Police are now the Enemy’. I’m struck by this, as in general Jews have been law-abiding and have tried to seek ‘the peace of the city’ in which they settled.  It is highly unusual to hear the British Police described as ‘the enemy’ by a Jewish group, which gives an indication just how bad things are.

The right-wing Jewish Defence League has started to comment on the behaviour of the UK police over the Islamic nonce gangs and also how the forces of law and order are policing extremist Islamic demonstrations.

The Jewish Defence League (JDL) UK site (see additional information below) is blogging about the shocking Islamic nonce gang stories. It re posted a story from the British Patriots Society (see note below) quoting the Times story about the organised gangs of Islamic child abusers who had been virtually left to their own devices in Rochdale and it seems elsewhere as well.

The JDL also posted about demonstrations by Islamic groups in London where flags of Islamic terrorist organisations which have been banned by Parliament, have been openly flown. Recently, according to JDL-UK, at a demonstration by Islamic groups against the film, ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, the Hezbollah flag was flown.

The article continued:

Now, the protest contained a mixture of messages. We are still not sure why these idiots were protesting outside the US Embassy when the man who did the film is actually Egyptian, but we learned never to underestimate the utter stupidity, bigotry and anti-Semitism of Muslims.

A child held a placard saying: 

“Islam is a religion of peace”  and right beside him, another child held a placard saying: “Burn google down”. Huh?? Religion of peace, indeed! (Not)
Other placards also said funny things, such as “Ban you tube” or “Freedom yes, insult no”. 

But the core of the issue really was that Muslims were spouting their hateful drivel as usual, and not particularly focused only on the film. They had anti-Zionist placards (Perhaps now they reckon Sam Bacile is a Zionist or something), Hezbollah flags and others as you can see from the photos below.

At one point we asked the police officers near to us if they knew what the flag was or who was Hezbollah. Not only didn’t they want to comment but asked us to “enlighten” them. Surely they need a hell of a lot more enlightenment since they know absolutely nothing about this evil cult called Islam and the attitudes of its followers either

Another officer (photo at site ) did not agree Hezbollah was a terrorist organization. Instead he said: “It depends on the interpretation”. 

WHAAAAT??? What other interpretation would anyone with a sane mind give to what Hezbollah is, apart from the truth? They are proscribed because they are a terrorist organization! These officers indeed need enlightenment, but I am not sure where they will get it from, if not from us.

While there we witnessed quite a few people complaining to the police about the protest and met up with a lovely conservative British couple who also joined us in our astonishment as to why the police was not acting at all, and allowing such vile hate speech in our streets. “


The article continues and labels the police ‘cowards’ for not enforcing the Law and arresting those flying the flag of a proscribed organisation. I’m afraid that I have to agree with the JDL on this point. The Police have become cowards. They have seen the threat of violence from the followers of Islam and rather than help to keep the Queen’s Peace, by tackling those in that community who promote violence, instead continually pass by on the other side, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, witnessing nothing and doing nothing. The police are sadly in some areas becoming the enemy of the law-abiding and the enabler of the Islamic thug.




Jewish Defence League UK


British Patriots Society About Us page


Email this blog with factual corrections or just to say ‘hello’ :



I don’t know what to make of this British Patriots Society group. Glad to see they are ticking the ‘not racist but anti Islam’ box though. I’ll keep an eye on them . There does seem to be a growth in groups that recognise that hating someone because they are black or white is utter stupidity, but being righteously angry about Islamic Fascism is the height of common sense.


Additional information 1


I don’t always see eye to eye with the JDL. This is for two reasons. Firstly, although I agree with some of the words of Rabbi Meir Kahane in his book ‘Never Again’ (ISBN-10: 0515027456 ) I do not agree with all of his words and some of the followers of Rabbi Kahane have committed terrorist crimes in the past but the JDL do now say that they eschew illegality.

Although I read their site, and very occasionally post there, it is NOT an organisation that I want to give any practical support to because of what some of its supporters have done in the past. However, like a stopped clock being right twice a day, the JDL have produced two stories where I believe they have hit some nails on the head. therefore I have used the JDL source with reservations.

The second reason for my uneasiness at using the JDL link is I’m afraid they have been caught out in one hoax and one use of an article where the authors identity is not traceable even though it was allegedly published in a newspaper.

One of the things that I try to do on this blog is to check sources wherever I can and make a judgement call as to whether or not to use it. With the Bearded Savage’ stories for example for each bearded savage post I make, I disregard dozens of those stories where I cannot get at least one trustworthy source to back it up, either a major news agency a respectable NGO or something that is also in print form such as ‘The Times of India’, and look for corroboration elsewhere if possible.

Getting a fact wrong is an open invitation for the enemies to make a fuss, the Trot left just loves it when an opponent makes a factual error or brings in an untrustworthy source. The trustworthyness of the source is key for me. I try my best but nobody is perfect. However, if I get a fact drastically wrong (Norman invasion in 1166 for example) then drop me a line at the email addy below and I’ll sort it.

The hoax in question relates to the story posted on the JDL UK site as well as other sites that a Muslim owned shop in a shopping centre in Houston, Texas, United States was shut on September 11th to honour Imam Ali who the article said was one of the 9/11 suicide bombers. Not correct I’m afraid. Imam Ali was NOT one of the 911 hijackers and was in fact a follower of Mohammed who is considered as the first Shia Imam.

The hoax article is here:

The second sources issue I have with the JDL site is they carried an article alleged to be by the writer Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez entitled ‘All European Life Died in Auschwitz. It is a moving article which draws negative comparisons with the industrious, educated and useful Jews that were murdered and the dole sponging hate-mongering followers of Islam that have been imported into Europe.

However, I and others have looked into the veracity of the article and the records on the writer and their published works is very thin to say the least, It may be good writing but it makes me uneasy as it throws up provenance issues for me.

In terms of how much I trust the JDL site, well I trust it more when they are reporting things first-hand as in the story of the police and the Hezbollah demonstrators, but I don’t think they are checking their third party posts or sources enough.





  1. Andy permalink

    I`m wary of any group whose spiritual and ethnic homeland isnt England.
    Many Jews quite naturally have a sense of allegiance to Israel,as is quite proper,but that means that while some of our aims and concerns may overlap we must not forget that they have their own agenda that may not be in England`s best interest.
    Israel has never been a friend to England.
    How many Jews rescued from the Nazi`s by British troops then happily took up arms against that same British Army to force them out of Palestine(as then was)?

    • farenheit211 permalink

      The battles fought by the Haganah and the Irgun et al was fighting for a specific aim at a specific time and was less bloody when compared to some insurgencies, but it would have been better if such battles had not needed to be fought. I’m afraid that you are wrong about UK rescuing many from the Nazis, many of the boats of Jewish refugees from German occupied Europe were refused entry to British Mandate Palestine by British orders.

      Britain needed to leave it was time for us to go,we did not have the power military or political to stay both the Jews and the Arabs were offered a peace deal prior to 1948 but the Arabs rejected it then there was the fighting after the UN declared for Israeli statehood. I don’t blame some for wanting to fight against the British in Mandate Palestine as there was the suspicion (probably justified) that the British Govt would shaft the Jews and favour the Arabs. The FCO is not known as the Camel Corps for nothing.

      I’m not sure I agree with you on the ‘ethnic homeland’ business. You can be a loyal British Jewish citizen but also thankful that there is a place of refuge, Israel, to go to if, G-d forbid, the bearded savages took over the UK. Even the safest countries can suddenly become unsafe look at Germany which had the most integrated Jewish population ever before Hitler came to power.

      As regards Israel I do think that we should as a nation regard Israel much more as an ally, after all we are both nations at risk from bearded savagery we should be much more on the same side. (post on this issue coming later on)

      • Andy permalink

        “You can be a loyal British Jewish citizen but also thankful that there is a place of refuge,Israel,to go to if,God forbid,the bearded savages took over the UK”

        So where do I as a Christian Englishman go for refuge if my land is taken over by the muslims?

        And thats why Jews cannot be trusted,England is NOT their homeland,its just the country they happen to live in.

      • farenheit211 permalink

        You can fight as I will fight. Nobody whether Jew or otherwise wants to have to run to a refuge, it’s not something you choose to do, it’s something that you HAVE to do. Running to a refuge is a sign that things have gone completely to shit. I’d much prefer that Britain started challenging Islam and legally slapping it down a bit. Islam the philosophy is a danger to all of us whether you be Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh or a follower of the flying spaghetti monster.

        You statement about Jews not being trusted is to be quite frank a load of anti-semitic bollocks. Frankly laughable I’m afraid. When I hear cack like that I think the Jewish refugee from the Nazis who I once had the honour to know who scrambled across the Channel, and volunteered (he didnt’ have to) for the British Army and brought his kids up to be loyal to the UK. ‘This country sheltered you, you owe it loyalty’ was his view.

        For your info Andy, as much as I find your comments on Islam interesting, F211 is not a race hate site. There is no place for race hate here whether the target is Jews or Blacks or Chinese, the fascist philosophy of Islam is the enemy because it is the enemy of all of us, whoever we are.

  2. Andy permalink

    You misunderstand me,I dont hate jews at all,I just dont trust them to have the care for this country that I do.

    • farenheit211 permalink

      I trust anybody who has proved themselves to be trusted. Jews (like the Hugenots, and the 19th Cent Germans, and the Pre and Post WWII Italians) have proved loyal to this country, paid taxes and served in it’s armed forces.

      A brief study of the names on war graves would show a person that.

      OK I accept you don’t hate Jews. However I think that you are mistaken if you believe that Jews will not fight against Islamic fascism in the UK with the same vigour as anybody else.

  3. Andy permalink

    Maybe my mistrust is mistaken,if so mea culpa.
    But while I dont doubt that they would fight the islamo-loons here I would always wonder if their actions were being run from Tel Aviv,
    During WW2 the communist resistance groups in occupied Europe took their orders direct from Moscow. We know that islamic groups here in the UK are in contact with groups overseas,many of which are fronts for various hostile govts,why not Jewish groups also?
    Israel may not be our enemy but I suspect that it would not bother them at all to see England in flames if it would help Israel.

    • farenheit211 permalink

      No worries about mea culpa.

      I think that the people in Tel Aviv have their own bearded savage problem to deal with just over the borders to want to be bothered with running other people’s bearded savage battles. Don’t forget that Israel is really only slightly larger than Wales and there are some serious psychos over the border.

      I disagree with your comparison with the Moscow Gold cases. Back then the Soviets and others were trying to infiltrate and disrupt with front groups (WRP for example) to push an ideology, but there is no ideology at stake here, there is no evangelical desire to make the whole world Jewish unlike the desire of communists to make the whole world communist or for Islam to desire that the whole world becomes muslim.

      England in flames would be terrible for Israel. It would be sign that civilization was falling. Nobody will benefit from that.

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