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Be careful of what you wish for, jailing’s an attack on free speech.

October 12, 2012

Those people who have concerns about the world we live in should be very wary of cheering when someone is arrested for telling a grossly offensive joke.

I’ve seen the joke, can see why some people would be offended, I think it’s offensive but neither me nor anybody else should have the Law become involved to either stop me from being offended nor to assuage any group or individual who is alleged to have ‘hurt feelings’. I wouldn’t have told the joke myself, but I defend whole heartedly the right of a person to say it. By their own mouths shall we know whether or not a person is a dickhead.

A seriously worrying Rubicon has been crossed. Prosecution for telling a joke. Have we suddenly as a nation channelled East Germany circa 1975? When we do not speak out in anger and disbelief about the gross stupidity of a prosecution such as this, then East Germany is where it can lead.

Those who cheer on the prosecution of the offending joke vendor or, those, who equally as bad, say and do nothing, should think: ‘what would happen if the State started to take a dislike to how I think, and what I say?’ While recognising that this joker wasn’t thinking with any degree of empathy, much ‘black humour’ and wit shares this lack of empathy. Those services and trades that have a macabre element to them like Police, Armed Services, Ambulance and Fire Services and others doing dangerous or challenging work, often in my experience have a very dark sense of humour within them. People sometimes deal with challenging stuff by cracking jokes about it, it’s just part of the human condition.

These prosecutions have serious implications especially about who is going to press for such prosecutions. Are you as an individual going to countenance the ‘professionally offended’, the Islamic Supremacist, the self-righteous self-promoting media whores, the local authorities, the political Left deciding what you think and say? Because this is where it will end up. The prosecutions are an extremist’s gift, a possible scenario quickly comes to mind: ‘Mr Policeman, this nasty man said that my belief says bad things, I feel offended, nick him’. This is not what many would see as equal law or equal justice. It is the law of whoever can shout the loudest or cry more convincingly that they are the most offended.

Can you imagine what a boon this and the T Shirt prosecutions have been to Islamic Supremacists for example? Don’t make the mistake in thinking that such prosecutions in the future will be made by grieving parents who have directly been offended, oh no, these worrying prosecutions open the way for another method of ‘Lawfare’ to be used by Islam, against this country, its freedoms and its people.

Do you want a country where it is illegal to call the ‘prophet Mohammed’ a thieving, murdering child-molesting fucktard’, or illegal to call attention to the appalling conditions for women living under the servitude of Islam? I know I don’t and I believe that when others quietly think about what these prosecutions mean in the long run. One day it could be you arrested for telling the truth about Islam. Think about what this could mean to you as individuals, and as members of families, counties or the nation, you may find that you feel as concerned as I feel about laws on giving offence.

The Islamofash will definitely exploit this to try to suppress any independent view of the life of Mo the Peado, or other Islamic practices and views. Insulting the Koran will be an offence and challenging its contents will be put on a par with ‘racism’. Islam would definitely exploit to the full, laws that criminalised the giving of offence.

But then you have to think about who and what else will exploit this use of the law? Will it be for you and your families benefit or not? What if YOU need to speak out about an injustice, what if YOU highlighted an abuse. To give you an example: We are having in the UK to come to terms with the knowledge that there has been a sustained sexual abuse onslaught against young British women and girls carried out by Muslim males. Furthermore there is evidence of collusion for various reasons to play down this story and I sometimes wonder would this story be out there and being discussed at all if someone somewhere could have played the ‘Offence’ card sufficiently well.

A fear of being thought of as ‘racist’ is thought to have been behind part of the motivation by employees of the council and the police soft-pedalling investigations into the abuse. Imagine just how much greater this fear of being called ‘racist’ would be if you added in the compounding factor of the threat of prosecution for giving ‘offence’, even if the ‘offence’ was given in telling the truth.

If there had been prosecutions for the giving of offence when these nonce cover-ups first happened then this story would never have made it into the public eye. Those who follow Islam and their fellow travellers on the political Left would have seen to it that it would have been forbidden to even mention the existence of Islamic nonce gangs. Never believe the Left when they speak of ‘freedom’ for they know not the meaning of the word.

Prosecuting people for jokes or stupid tee shirts or blogs whilst NOT prosecuting those Islamic hate preachers who call for the deaths of Christians, Jews, Gays, Hindus, Sikhs and anyone else that ‘isn’t Islam’ isn’t ‘the rule of law’ at all, it is capitulation to fascism, it is Apartheid.

This is a law that any of the great dictators of the 20th century would have recognised.

It’s got to be fought and it can be fought hard and sometimes fought with humour. So here’s my contribution to the humour bit – the koranic toilet roll ad:

‘Do you have problems of absorbency with your current toilet roll especially after a good Ruby? If so you may be interested in new five-ply Koran toilet paper. Koran Toilet paper, printed with shit, to absorb your shit, it’s a 7th century miracle’.

PS: Mohammed IS a thieving, murdering child-molesting fucktard. By the words of Dar al Islam’s own books and scholars is this proved and cannot be denied no matter how much honey the Kitman and Taqiyya is coated in.

Links (updated 22:31)

The story of the jailing of the joker

The jailed T shirt wearer

The Slashdot article with the ‘joke’ that was the instigation of one of these prosecutions. Don’t click if you are liable to be offended. If you are offended then it is your own fault, you shouldn’t have looked.

Definition of Lawfare and details of how Islam uses ‘lawfare’ to attack democracy

Another take on these cases especially the imprisoning of the t shirt wearer at the excellent Misanthrope Girl blog


  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Yes, I would agree (reluctantly in some cases) That the right of free speech must apply even to utter twats. I do not extend this so much to the ‘slims, because their behaviour is always, always accompanied by the threat of kicking off if you dare to criticise or disagree.

  2. Robert, I must admit I’m getting tired of hearing all the Islamic grievances that get trotted out and the accompanying threats veiled and unveiled of bearded savage violence.

    The big worry is as I said earlier is that Islamic groups and their fellow leftist travellers will use this sort of legislation to further insulate themselves from criticism? It is NOT shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre when there really is a fire to warn about.

  3. Andy permalink

    Robert the biker.
    Maybe its time we called their bluff and did settle this with violence.
    1 million muslim men of fighting age against 20 million English men of fighting age.
    I`ll take those odds,especially since I`m not yet too old to take part šŸ™‚

    • farenheit211 permalink

      I hope it doesn’t have to come to that. We need to vote out the multiculturalists if this is to be sorted with less violence. I do agree that the Islamic bluff needs to be called though.

      Not voting for councillors etc who are clueless about Islam would be a start for a mainstream fight back. I’ve pointed out one useful idiot councillor like that I’m sure that others could find them in their own areas.

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