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Islam kills real diversity. Tower Hamlets in London, a case study in aggressive Islamic conquest.

October 8, 2012

There are those such as Herefordshire’s ‘useful idiot’ Diversity Officer, Neville Meredith, and others, who promote the insertion of Islam into towns and cities where it currently doesn’t exist to any great degree, who mistakenly believe that supporting Islam is helping the cause of diversity. Well I have news for you Mr Meredith and Police Superintendent Hills, it doesn’t. In fact, if you look at what has happened to Tower Hamlets in East London you can see how pandering to Islam has not only increased its influence within the local authority but has also killed the GENUINE diversity that existed before Islam arrived.

I am familiar to a large extent with Tower Hamlets as in the past I’ve worked and socialised there.

Being close to what were once the biggest docks in the world it is not surprising that the area became home to people from all over Britain and all over the world. It was, as a Jew once said: ‘a place where the world went by your window, a place where we were all different but we all accepted each other and did our best to integrate’. However, that desire to work hard, get on and integrate stopped with the arrival of Islam.

Tower Hamlets used to be a place where those people such as Lesbians and Gays for example could, even prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales in 1967, have pubs and clubs.

Tower Hamlets was also a place where those fleeing oppression, for example Russian Jews, could set up home, it was also a place where those from the Irish diaspora could find homes and work. French Protestants also settled there and built the areas world famous clothing trade. All these people, the Irish, the Jews, the gays, the French Protestants didn’t come here to ponce or take over the country, but only to work hard, bring their children up in safety and integrate with the wider population.

The pseudonymous author Esmerelda Weatherwax writing in the New English Review magazine in 2011 (link at bottom of this article) said that the reason she was supporting the English Defence League anti Islam demonstration in Tower Hamlets back then was because of the extremely negative influence of Islam on the borough.

She said:

Why I am going to Tower Hamlets on Saturday.

I am of an old East End family. We define the East End as the three old boroughs of Bethnal Green, Stepney and Poplar which since 1965 make up the current London Borough of Tower Hamlets, plus that area of Shoreditch around Shoreditch Church which since 1965 is part of the London Borough of Hackney. Although my mother was born in Hoxton (which is adjacent to, but not part of, the East End) where my grandfather had a market stall, her parents were born in Bethnal Green as were all of my father’s family. My cousins and I have traced many lines of our families back to the 18thcentury. We span 4 centuries and 10 generations in the area, at least. Welcome to my ancestral homeland.

The East End encompassed London docks which meant that people have always arrived from all over the world and many settled nearby. Just in the relatively small circle of my own family history, through blood, marriage, kinship or family friendship I know of Irish, Welsh, Italian, Scottish, Jewish, Polish and Russian, French Huguenot, Indian, West Indian and Yorkshire. Every group that came to the East End brought their own customs. The Huguenot influence can be seen in our love of bright colours of clothing and the flowers of our little gardens, even if the only garden available was a yard or a veranda. The Jewish influence is famous and goes far beyond the food and the delicatessens (and bread). Limehouse was Chinatown for many years although it is now in Gerrard Street W1. They integrated while giving us the best of their culture. Until recent years. 

Sylheti speaking seamen from the nation now called Bangladesh came through the docks even before the Second World War. During the war a mosque opened along Whitechapel Road for their use and that of other Muslims. From the late 1960s onwards more came and brought their families. But they didn’t integrate. The East London Mosque now covers the whole block between Plumbers Row and the Whitechapel Bell Foundry to the east, New Street to the west, Whitechapel Road to the north and Fieldgate Street to the south, other than the small and valiant Great Fieldgate Street Synagogue which the mosque covets but cannot have.

It isn’t the size of the Mosque complex (they are now building upwards, nine floors and counting) which is cause for concern, however, but the nature of their speakers and preachers, the malign influence of the Islamic Forum of Europe, the corruption of local politics and the imposition of Sharia law. The Telegraph Journalist Andrew Gilligan chronicles this regularly.

Having spent time myself in the area I also have seen the negative affects of Islamisation on Tower Hamlets. I’ve seen gay pubs close down because it is unsafe for their customers to have to travel into what is now cynically called, the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets. I’ve seen extremist Islamic groups who promote hatred of anyone non muslim taking over the council, women being oppressed for not wearing Islamic face coverings, and the original hard working inhabitants displaced in favour of large welfare dependent Muslim families.

Those whose families endured the horrors of the London Blitz and who fought so hard to put out the flames caused by Nazi bombing, now feel they have to flee from an area where Islam now dominates This is partially because a persons access to council services is often felt to depend on whether or not you are Muslim.. Some people have also left or are considering leaving because of the fear of Islamic nonce gangs similar to what is being uncovered in the North of England and the Midlands. Knowing what you know now about what has been going on (and which has been covered up by police and social services) would you want to bring up YOUR daughter in an Islamic area? I know I certainly would not.

Miss Weatherwax details the horrific abuse meted out, by the followers of Islam, to Christians, Jews, Gays and women.

Churches have been vandalised, Church ministers have been physically attacked, an RE teacher was slashed with a knife by Muslims for teaching children about the existence of other religions, women have been bullied into wearing Islamic face and head coverings and even people attending an outdoor memorial service for the victims of the last V2 attack on London have been pelted with stones..

The situation in Tower Hamlets shows most starkly how Islam, although it demands (sometimes with menaces) tolerance from the rest of us, fails to show tolerance to anybody or anything else when it gains political influence in an area.

Miss Weatherwax continued in the NER article:

In 2008 Canon Ainsworth of St Georges in the East Shadwell was beaten seriously enough to merit time in hospital after he asked some ‘Asian youth’ to behave.

The church had previously been targeted when a brick smashed a window during a service. Allan Ramanoop, a member of the parochial church council, said: “On one occasion, youths shouted: ‘This should not be a church, this should be a mosque, you should not be here. The youths are anti-Christian. It’s terrible what they have done to Canon Ainsworth’. 

The boy convicted walked free; the prosecution decided that the attack was not racially or religiously motivated and decided that a beating which put a man in hospital for 12 days was mere ABH (assault occasioning actual bodily harm) instead of the more serious GBH (grievous bodily harm). 

It appears that there is a two tier justice system in operation in the area with attacks on Muslims or Islamic property being dealt with much more harshly than attacks on Churches.

The NER article continues:

The damage suffered by churches led the East London Advertiser to start a campaign to protect them saying, “Too often, religious leaders said last week, vandalism against churches was treated as just that, ‘vandalism’, but similar graffiti on mosque properties is treated as ‘faith hate crime’. There is a feeling among many that the authorities treat churches with less importance.”

It is not only Christians and Jews who are the subject of attack, sometimes physical, by the followers of Islam in the area.

A Sikh Gurdwawa (Temple) was hit by an arson attack in 2009. The NER article said:”

The person or persons responsible for an attack on a Sikh temple in 2009 have never been apprehended and I cannot find any record of the exact content of the ‘racist graffiti’ that appeared on the temple in the weeks before the attack. Witnesses described a stranger they saw moments before the fire as being ‘black or mixed race’. Had he been white, or had the graffiti been attributable to an English group, I am sure we would have heard much more about it. There is no proof that it was an islamically motivated attack like those on the churches or against Jews but I suspect that is the case.

The Gurdwara Sikh Sangat in Bow was originally a Christian chapel which then became a Synagogue. Its use as a Sikh temple was the next task in its history of worshipping the Almighty.

The London Evening Standard reported thus:-

Witnesses today said a man had run into the temple during a women-only prayer session then escaped just before flames were first seen. Having spotted the intruder, the 10 women quickly discovered the fire, which had taken hold in one of the holiest parts of the temple. They tried to put it out but were beaten back by the flames.

Witnesses described the suspected arsonist as being black or mixed-race. Most of the temple’s roof collapsed and worshippers fear all but one of its eight holy books were destroyed.

Thankfully nobody was killed but their Holy and sacred Scripture is very important to Sikhs and its destruction was a heavy blow to the congregation.”

The area of the East End of London became known worldwide in the 1930’s because the locals of all faiths and none gathered together to fight back the racist Mosleyite fascists of the British Union of Fascists at the Battle of Cable Street. It grieves me greatly to see Cable Street which was once the site of a great victory against Nazi style fascism now under the control of Islamic fascists.

The great and terrible irony about what has happened to Tower Hamlets is that in an area that stood up to fascists it is now a de-facto offence to protest about the growth of Islamfascism.

Those who act as unthinking cheerleaders and quislings for Islam because they believe they are contributing to diversity should ask themselves do they really want to see Leominster, Ledbury, Ross, Hereford, and a whole host of other places in the UK look and feel like Tower Hamlets? I’ve got the sense to see that this is not something that we should want and the conscience to see that this has to be fought but have they?



Esmerelda Weatherwax’s article in New English Review on the Islamic invasion of Tower Hamlets

  1. No mention of the growth of the far right? Ask why so many Muslims feel alienated. Racist police? We had those in the 1910s but Jews were the targets then. Plus ca change?

    • The only ‘far right’ as you put it that is active in Tower Hamlets is the Islamic far right. This is by far the biggest challenge to genuine diversity in the area. The NF / BNP et al although distasteful organisations are not the problem in TH, the big danger is as I’ve shown the fascism of Islam. After all it is not the nationalist far right which is attacking churches, bullying women and harassing gays, it is the Islamic Far Right.

    • To add, the main cause of alienation of the followers of Islam isn’t ‘racist police’ or anything similar, it is Islam and Islam alone that is the cause of the problems in TH.

      • OK you seem to have issues with Islam. The Masjids I visited had no mad mullahs. As I say, out of a billion folks, some good, some bad.

      • Goggzilla, I concur with you that there is good and bad in all cultures but Islam I’m afraid has much more than its fair share of lunatics,racists,supremisicsts and violent thugs etc. I have a LOT of issues with Islam and these issues are not because I know too little but because I know a lot about Islam.

        A quick bit of advice, don’t try Taqiyya or kitman or dawa to those of us who are immune to it or who have experienced it.

    • Artem Terra permalink

      muslims feel alienated wherever they are, including muslim countries. Why do you think they emigrate to the west ? they spread this kind of shit in all places. Come to think of it, muslim call to prayer, that shrill irritating cry can be heard in the places held sacred by any of the major religions on this planet. Vatican, Jerusalem, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi but can you ever dream of constructing a temple, church, synagogue in saudi arabia ?. Name one muslim country (without oil money) which is prosperous and free ? Even in opec countries, freedom is only for the royalty. muslims can not fit in with multiculturalism because they hate everything NOT ISLAMIC. Look at any muslim country, Is there any muslim country where the religious / sexual minorities are NOT persecuted ? NAME ONE.

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    These ‘diversity’ officers seem to think that ‘diversity’ means everyone is brown. If the Sikhs want the ‘slims to leave them alone, answer rocks with firebombs aimed at the mosque; if the churches want to be left alone, beat the living shit out of the attacking ‘kids’. Muslim filth understand force, they speak no other language.
    As for the usefull idiots out there, they can kiss my arse.

    Getting more hatefull and radical by the minute here, I actually long for it to kick off now (two teenage daughters doesn’t help)

    • I used to support multiculturalism until I started to realise just what a disasterous path it was. I still believe in multiracialism but to treat the fascist path of Islam the same as non fascist cultures is completely wrong and is ‘moral relativism’.

      You may want it to kick off but I still want this problem sorted out in a mainstream sort of way. Islam the philosophy is the problem but there are thousands of muslims who do not treat the koran as divine and disregard a lot of the hateful bollocks that it contains. I DON’T want to see mobs with flaming torches but I do want to see legal controls on the practice and expansion of Islam in the West. After all, we interned the Mosley’s so why can’t we intern people like Choudhury and their ilk?

      To me, having a diversity officer in an organisation is a very much like having you own Little Lord Haw-Haw on the premises. They are the Quislings of our time.

  3. Robert the Biker permalink

    We interned the Moseleys back in the days when we had a bit of jam about us; don’t forget, we followed it up by kicking the arses of a large number of Germans, Italians and Japanese (by ‘we’ I obviously include the Yanks and the Ivans). Can you see any of the latte sipping hand wringing twats we seem to have in such profusion telling Adolph to take a hike?
    Yes, there may be all sorts of these peacefull and tolerant ‘slims about, but since none of the buggers care to stick their heads above the parapet, they can scarcely moan about being tarred with the same brush; I personally believe they are secretly quite happy with a system that offers to leave them top dog. I’m surprised the Sikhs haven’t kicked off a bit, they are scarcely pacific after all.
    I see my little imam has buggered off.

    • The issue of the average Joe Mohammed not speaking out is complex and can sometimes be because speaking out will put them and their familes in danger.

      As a society we should look after those from the Islamic community who speak out against Islam. However we don’t and too often our governments have molly coddled the nutters and left those who are not nutters to go hang.

      The Sikhs have fought back (good on them) and have demonstrated in Luton over targetted Islamic noncing against their daughters.

      I had a look at ‘my little imams’ site and he appears to be a left wing, Islam fellating conspiraloon posing as a civil rights advocate. Call them out on the Taqiyya and Kitman and they crumble. If he comes back I’ll rip him to shreds in a special post in the ‘fool pool’.

  4. Bobo permalink

    Parasite-separatist (Separasitic?) communities, viscerally contemptuous of the morality of the host culture but still very firmly plugged in to the amenities offered thereby: the NHS, modern infrastructure inc indoor blumbing and, but of course, the welfare benefits system: no calls for Sharia Bennies (based on the going rate of dole in, say, Pakistan ie £0 pwk) are there? Put ’em off the electric grid, the DSS and the NHS, see how long the feckers last then.

    • farenheit211 permalink

      I would have more moral respect for those who want to live religious outside normal society if the people who did so funded themselves.

      There are other groups who in the UK who live differently, sometimes radically differently but they do not show such a visceral hatred of the mainstream society as many of the followers of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces do.

      I sometimes wonder what the outcome would have been if Islam had arrived in the UK under the same conditions as other groups had done ie no dole money, no pandering, no NHS, a sometimes hostile host culture. Other groups faced such challenges (Jews, Hugenots, Germans etc) and survived and thrived. Would facing external pressures have caused a form of Reform Islam to come about?

  5. Bobo permalink

    “…indoor Plumbing…” sorry.

  6. Newspaniard permalink

    One law for all would be a great help also if the police were allowed to do their job without fear of racist accusations. After all the only racists in TH are the death cultists,

    • farenheit211 permalink

      Spot on. It is this ‘unequal justice’ which is at the heart of the problem. Unfortunately the police are subject to racist allegations some genuine and some not and this fact is exploited by the followers of islam to intimidate the police.

      We certainly need ‘one law for all’ the paralell ‘apartheid’ way the multiculturalists are running the law is a total disaster, and can only make gettoisaton and separatism worse.

      RE TH I can’t see any other group who is causing problems there apart from the bearded savages.

  7. Bobo permalink

    An Islamic Reformation is, I think, practically impossible; and wouldn’t solve the issue of fundamentalism anyway. The best that can be done would be to stop the flow of Saudi-funded Wahabist mullahs and hope that quietism prevails throughout the Muslim diaspora. However it is a significant indicator of the Muslim mindset that there is never any “Not In My Name”-type wave of apologia emanating from the community after any Islamic terrorism, rather we hear the mirror-image of an apology: “Never mind your X-number of Kuffar dead; Muslims will be the victims of a backlash”. Islam creates separatism and closed communities: in Islam there is no real dialogue with ‘the Other’, only Taqiyya and temporary ceasefires of convenience.

    Actually the BEST that could be done would be to nuke Mecca: no Hajj, no Islam.

  8. Paris Claims permalink

    today.’ — Alfons Heck, Former Hitler Youth Officer

    UK: Britain sinking under weight of welfare costs – While Unproductive Muslims cost a staggering £18+ billion a year!

    October 9, 2012 · by admin · in Muslim Benefit Fraud, Muslims in Europe, Muslims in the UK, UK Muslim Demograhics, UK Statistics

    8 Votes

    According to (modest) numerical calculations based on government statistics from wikileaks and media reports (see ‘read more’ section), the British government spend a minimum £18 billion a year from tax revenues on unproductive Muslim immigrants. While the government is trying to create £12 billion in annual cuts from benefit payments by targeting the handicapped, elderly and poor amongst it’s own citizens, they have ignored to reject from the country a group that is highly overrepresented above anyone else in welfare exploitation.

    Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 that 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed – rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004. Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 24% of females and 21% of males claiming a disability (2001 figures). Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures). As if this is not enough, the total prison population in the UK amongst category A and B criminals (the worse crimes) is now 35-39% Muslim.

    Although the statistics do not make it fully clear how many actually collect benefits, a rough estimate can be made. Money-wise it means that out of 5 million Muslims living in Britain (2012 demographics), 4.25 million Muslims, or 85%, live off tax payers. If we average this with the minimum benefit payment of £67 a week, at least £ 284,750,000 per week (£1.1 billion per month) is spent from taxpayer money to feed and care for Muslims who don’t contribute anything whatsoever to Britain’s revenues – except making more Muslims.

    And that calculation doesn’t even include housing benefits, childcare support, medical care and other coverage utilized by the population. We can estimate that with housing, child subsidies and healthcare, Muslims cost the British government at least £1.5 billion a month, or £ 18 billion a year.

    The Muslim population double every 7-years in Britain. By 2030 Britain will have a 40% Muslim population. And who will feed and house them? There is simply nowhere for the British economy to go but a collapse. 32 percent of Muslims on UK campuses believe killing in the name of religion is justified, 54 percent wanted a Muslim Party to represent their world view in Parliament, and 40 percent of young Muslims in the UK want the country to be governed under Sharia law (2004 report).

  9. Andy permalink

    Paris claims,
    The situation in Britain will kick off long before the muslims reach 40% they`re on about 5% now and the native people are already fucking sick to death of their bullshit.

    • farenheit211 permalink

      The problem is every time Islam kicks off like with the ‘google’ demo it doesn’t advance their Islamic cause but only suffices to make them look more like dickheads to the non muslim. Also, each bout of whining and kicking off makes members of other groups dislike them more.

      Islam does itself no favours in the popularity stakes. Its a culture where the shotgun is most often aimed at its own feet.

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