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Map of Islamo-nonce cases in the UK

October 7, 2012

The esteemed anti racist but anti Islam blogger Kafircrusader has put together a very instructive map of the various cases of organised sexual abuse of children and young people, which has either been perpetrated or has had significant involvement in, by followers of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces, or Islam as it is otherwise known.

Kafircrusader said:

After reading the heartbreaking stories in the press last week by victims of racist Muslim grooming gangs and paedos across   our nation i felt physically sick thinking about it. How many children and their families lives been ruined by it being allowed to carry on for so long. Schoolgirls having their innocence ripped from them by predatory islamic nonces  sexually exploiting them,who see them as nothing more than white slags who deserve gang raping like their a bit of halal meat solely for Muslim sexual deviants tfulfill their own immoral and disgusting sexual urges.

That sickness i felt started to turn to anger when i read about the authorities doing nothing to help these children instead covering it up as to not upset community relations with the Muslim community and fear of being called racist. Pandering to the same Muslim community who knowing full well its a massive problem in their community would rather bury their heads in the sand, pretend it’s not happening and strenuously deny it.Something Muslim apologists will continue to do as saying its wrong would be saying Mohammed was wrong and a paedophile with his 6-year-old wife. The UAF Communists will continue to defend the Muslim paedophiles however morally wrong and senseless just to try get 1 over patriots as they know keeping them as enemies and crying racism keeps them in a well paid job and their funding coming in. Therefore i felt compelled to highlight cases of Muslims grooming, paedophilia and other sexual exploitation from recent years to try to demonstrate the scale of the problem. The Muslims and commies will continue to deny it,the authorities will no doubt continue to cover it up.”

I would strongly urge people to visit Kafircrusader’s site to see the interactive map.  It is shocking not just that it happens at all but the sheer scale of the abuse.  Also shocking is the degree of coverup that has gone on.

I don’t think that these offences are down to the inherent  evil of individuals who are born that way but rather it is the culture of Islam itself which makes these people evil.

The position of women in Islam means that these abusing men do not see women as equal humans but as something less than fully human.  The fact that Islam is an extremely arrogant and supremacist philosophy also has a bearing here.  If you are brought up in a culture where women are seen as worth 1/3rd of a man and where the culture also sees non muslim people as worth less than muslims, then is it any wonder that Islam sees non muslim women and children as ‘untermenschen’ (sub humans).

Sadly, because of the moral deficiencies inherent in Islam (and these deficiencies are legion) I don’t think that it should be considered as one of the Abrahamic religions alongside Christianity or Judaism but rather as something else, something foul and dangerous that emerged from violent ancient Arabian tribal practices.

Those who scream ‘bigot’ or ‘racist’ at me and others for calling Islam morally deficient or dangerous or foul should spend some time examining Kafircrusaders excellent map.  Any reasonable person should be able to see that these are not random, one-off incidents, but as part of a pattern of abuse encouraged by the philosophy of Islam.

Maybe those people who campaign for Islam to be aggressively  inserted into towns and cities such as Hereford, where it doesn’t exist to any significant degree, in order to tick the relevant ‘diversity’ boxes should examine their consciences and ask themselves the question: ‘do they want to be the person responsible for bringing Islamic nonce gangs into the community?’.  If they cannot ask themselves this question then maybe they are a person without a conscience, a person no better than the actual abusers themselves.

To give you a historical analogy, the German Nazi party would have been unable to murder in cold blood millions of innocent people without the ordinary German turning a blind eye to what was happening.  Don’t be the one who turns a blind eye to the  rape, abuse and sometimes actual murder of our young people by the followers of Islam. Remember well out of all the world religions extant in the 20th Century only Islam actively allied itself with the Nazis.

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    What we need to do now is hack into the defense sites and replace that boring old targetting info for our subs with this new vibrant and diverse one.
    Oh, and give ME the big red button.
    Loony – “ULululul, I am offended”
    ME – *press* “Ker blooie”

    • Hacking into defence sites would be illegal and shouldn’t be contemplated.

      However, it was suggested to me jokingly the other day that maybe just one low yield nuclear missile should be reprogrammed with the target co-ordinates of

      21°25′0″N 39°49′0″E

      And then the appropriate government told of this and warned to behave – or else.

      • Robert the Biker permalink

        You’d need at least three,
        mecca, medina and qom.
        Oh, dome of the rock – four (tell the Jews to stay home that day). That well this mardy bloke is hiding down – five.
        A few spares for the more gobby among the ‘slims – ten.
        Going to need my own sub.

        I suppose I can expect the black helicopters and blokes in cheap suits any time now

      • Hmmm!

        As you mentioned the Haram al Sharif (Temple Mount) have you noticed that the Islamoloons only really riot and cause trouble there when it is Jewish festivals.

        The Jewish festival of Sukkot ( a sort of harvest festival) has just ended and lo and behold we have Islamoloon rioting on the temple mount,

        Expect more Islamoloon rioting in Jerusalem over the next few days as its the festival of Simchat Torah and the Kotel (Wailing Wall) Plaza will be packed with Jews peacefully celebrating the festival of the Commandments being given by God..

        What is galling is that all through the period of Israel’s existence the Israeli Government has gone out of its way to stop Christian, Jewish and other lunatics from attacking Islamic holy places even during time of conflict (there was an order fro David ben Gurion to this effect, I’ve seen it with my own eyes in the Ben Gurion Museum in Tel Aviv).

        This has NOT been reciprocated by the followers of Islam. In fact the Islamics go out of their way to destroy ancient Christian and Jewish artifacts that are found during building work in order to deny that there has ever been a Christian or Jewish presence in the land of Eretz Yisrael.

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    Of course the ragheads kick off at Jewish festivals there, the al quds mosque is supposedly the third holiest site; this despite Jerusalem never being mentioned in the koran. The simple existance of Jews is a reminder to these mutts that they are the Johnny-come-lateleys in the ME.

    • Yup no mention of Jerusalem in the Koran but 800 mentions of the city in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).

      I’ve got a joke for you: Question,, why should you never try to flush a Koran down the toilet?

      Answer, it’s so full of shite that it will never go down with just one flush.

  3. Robert the Biker permalink


    • Wasn’t it that ‘uni-testicle-ed” Austrian corporal who once said ‘the only prophet I respect is Mohammed and the only religion I respect is Islam’

      Islam, the religion of choice for the hate filled bigot.

  4. Robert the Biker permalink

    Well, he probably said that while the mufti bloke was standing there, offering him a muslim SS division, but I bet that was as serious as Napoleon (another short-arse) ‘converting’ in Egypt just before Nelson sunk most of his ships (Battle of the Nile)and he, or at least a good few of his troops, had to walk home.
    Adolph and his merry men were into Odinism and suchlike if I remember, something seriously occult anyway.

    • Yeah there was the ‘blood and soil’ type bollocks they were involved in but it cannot be denied that a major Islamic leader Amin Al Hussaini, backed Hitler right to the end.

      We in the west were seriously lucky that Hussani asked for a Luftwaffe strike on Tel Aviv only after The Allies had wiped out most of the Luftwaffe.

    • RTB Coo! you should see the hate filled Left wing loons over at Harry’s Place on the Muslim Rage thread ( )

      Threatening to go to the law and report those who challenge Islam.


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