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Bearded Savages of the Day number 15

October 3, 2012

Depressingly, when it comes Islam there is such an sad abundance of bearded savagery that today I’m bringing you an earlier than usual offering of Islamic mentalism for your non-delectation.

Today’s ‘bonus’ visit of the day to the world of bearded savagery takes us to the poverty-stricken African nation of Mali.

Malians have the misfortune to live in one of the most 25 deprived countries in the world, according to the 2011 CIA factbook.

An economy that is such a basket case that even though it has gold mines, is dependent on international aid.

And now the poor benighted Malians have to contend with a vicious outbreak of Bearded Savagery. A virulent form of the disease which has seen ancient Sufi shrines and libraries in Mali threatened. This destructive whirlwind of intolerant and violent Islam has swept like a coked-up Panzer division across the Maghreb and the Sahel and Sahara regions. The destruction is most notable in Libya, where other libraries that the intolerant Bearded Savages disprove of, have already been destroyed.

But today’s victims of bearded savagery that I’d like to highlight are the proportion of the Malian population who do not possess a penis. Draconian controls have been put on the rights of women and even their movement, and the female population is beginning to feel the chill winds of Sharia Law blowing into their lives.

The news agency France 24 International reports that the oppression of women in Mali is getting worse with horrific abuse meted out for contravening Sharia Law.

France 24 said:

To avoid being whipped, mutilated, and jailed, women in Timbuktu now have to wear black veils and loose-fitting clothing. Radical Islamists, who took control of the city months ago, are laying down their law – Sharia law – and for the first time since they’ve arrived, they’re specifically targeting women.

Over the past few weeks, Islamists from two armed groups – Ansar Dine and Mujao, who took over northern Mali in April – have increasingly made use of corporal punishment against the local population. This includes whipping, amputations, and even stoning people to death who do not obey Sharia law.

In Timbuktu, the first amputation-as-punishment took place on September 16. Islamists cut the hand of a man suspected of having committed theft. Two months earlier, a man and women accused of having had an extra-marital affair were whipped in public.

Women are being forced into clothing approved by the male Bearded Savages, under threat of mutilation and imprisonment. Women are also forbidden to be outside the home after 11pm.

The news agency continued:

The Islamists announced that any woman who disobeys their rules will have her ears cut off and be sent to a new, all-female prison. Though they haven’t gone that far yet, they are still quite strict: on Thursday afternoon, as I was visiting a friend at the hospital, I saw a very pregnant woman arrive. She was wearing a white veil, so the Islamists asked her to go home and change. She explained that she was going into labour, and that she lived two kilometres away, so she couldn’t go back. She ended up giving birth outside, on the sidewalk [Editor’s note: another one of our Observers in Timbuktu also witnessed this. According to him, the woman and her baby were in good health after the birth.]

Is there no depth of depravity to which the Bearded Savages will not sink? This is because sadly Islam, like the great and terrible 20th Century dictatorships, when compared to Judaism and Christianity or even secular humanism, is morally inverted. Those things that we in civilised societies call sins or crimes and abuses(1), are in the world of the uncivilised Bearded Savage, considered as virtues.

In this instance, the oppression of women witnessed here is on a par with what we in the civilized West, either left behind, or started on the path of eliminating, centuries ago. Not so in the Islamic world, where even in the comparatively liberal Islamic societies such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) women are still second class citizens.

Can we reason with such a mindset? Should we even try? What we should never do, is treat such a society as equal to our own in moral worth. The values of such a society and such an ideology as Islam, are so opposed to the values of the Judaeo-Christian-secular world that the only reasonable, responsible and moral thing to do is to condemn such warped thinking. Anything else would just stink of moral relativism. Condemn the actions and condemn the ideology. Punish where necessary the perpetrators, when they bring their uncivilised bearded savagery such as this, into the jurisdictions of the civilised nations.

Choose life(2) and condemn loudly and often, and as widely as you can, your disgust at Bearded Savagery like this.

How can anyone not weep at such an account of these women’s suffering under the ignorance and hate of Islam? Also how can those who live in the West choose to act as Quislings and excuse such behaviour on the foul morally relativistic grounds of ‘it’s their culture, so we cannot speak out’? We must have the self-confidence in the face of such a warped moral view of humanity as nurtured by Islam and its fellow travellers, to proclaim loudly and proudly to the denizens of Dar al-Islam ‘we love life more than you love death.’


That is the way for civilisation to triumph over barbarity.



Main France 24 story


Libraries destroyed by Bearded Savages


More book burning and shrine destroying intolerant Bearded Savages of a similar ilk.

CIA Factbook entry on Mali




  1. Ethical secular humanism recognises that if there is good in humanity there is also bad.
  2. Deuteronomy 30:19I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live
  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    May they all starve when the tourist industry dries up, or possibly have the Legion Etranger pay a visit and teach the mutts manners.

    • The FL would be extremely useful in such matters.

      It’s a crying shame that here is a country that is blessed (for the moment) with ancient monuments that deserve wider recognition but tourism is all but impossible because of the presence of bearded savages.

  2. DP111 permalink

    The MSM seems to be getting fed up with Muslim savagery. No more tiny minority of Muslims etc.

    Assuming The Best About Muslims


    • I agree that this is a subject that is at last being mentioned by the MSM.

      I think you would have had Islam inspired riots over something else had not the film come to attention.

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