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Bearded Savages of the Day number 14

October 2, 2012

The act of carrying a book through an airport isn’t something that you would expect to be arrested for is it? Not in Britain and certainly not in the United States where there is a constitutional right to free speech. OK bringing a copy of Mein Kampf or something else controversial into the UK may raise a few eyebrows and invite questions from the bright sparks of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs but that is probably as far as it would go  (However as a reader as kindly  pointed out the Anarchists Cookbook could cause arrest at a UK airport).

However in the Bearded Savage nations this is sadly not the case.

The Maldives are tropical islands in the Indian Ocean with one of the most scattered populations on Earth and with many uninhabited islands. The place abounds with beaches and sounds like a paradise, apart from one thing, the state religion is Bearded Savagery Islam and the practice or promotion of any other faith is illegal.

An independent news site for the Maldives, Minivan News, reports that:

“Customs officials at the Male’ Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) on Thursday seized 11 books about Christianity, typed in Dhivehi, from a Bangladeshi expatriate who came to the Maldives via Sri Lanka.
Speaking with the press last Thursday inside the Customs Building, Chief Customs Officer Ahmed Samah identified the Bangladeshi expat as Jathish Bisvas, 44.
Samah said the 44 year-old man had arrived to the Maldives on a  tourist visa and that it was the first time he visited Maldives.
According to Samah, customs officials were suspicious that the expat who had tried to bring the banned items into Maldives had links with a person in Male’. Samah said the Bangladeshi man had made a booking with a hotel in Male’ but did could not identify which hotel it was.
Samah said later the same day a Maldivian national was caught with similar books, after arriving to the Maldives from Sri Lanka.
The books he brought were not typed in Dhivehi, according to Samah.
Furthermore, Samah said it was highly possible that a Maldivian was behind the illegal smuggling operation given the quality of the Dhivehi language used to type the book. He also said it was a “very serious case if a Maldivian is behind this.

The news site added:

“The pair have been handed over to police and customs and police are conducting a joint investigation into the case.
According to the Maldives Religious Unity Regulations, it is illegal in the Maldives to propagate any faith other than Islam or to engage in any effort to convert anyone to any religion other than Islam. It is also illegal to display in public any symbols or slogans belonging to any religion other than Islam, or creating interest in such articles.
It is also illegal in the Maldives to carry or display in public books on religions (other than Islam) and books and writings that promote and propagate other religions, and the translation into Dhivehi language such books and writings on other religions.
Violation of the Religious Unity Act is subject to two to five years in prison and fines up to MVR 20,000 (US$1300).”

So there we have it, yet another Bearded Savage nation that forbids religious freedom. Maybe those Islamic groups and their fellow travellers who whine on about ‘islamophobia**’ here in the UK should be reminded of this universal Islamic intolerance for the peaceful beliefs of others. Before the Islamic conquest of the Maldives, it appears that Buddhists and Hindus lived there and practised their religions openly.

In whatever place on the planet Islam sets up shop and gains power you see a reduction in one of humanities basic freedoms which is the freedom of belief.


Minivan News

Wikipedia entry on the Maldives (yeah I know it’s wikipedia but sadly in this case it is more accurate and independent on this issue than the BBC site, as the BBC seems to have a policy of not offending the Bearded Savage nations)

Hat Tip The Religion of Peace website

** Racism is stupid but being afraid of Islam and seeing that it needs to be fought is the height of common sense.

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Would give me a warm fuzzy to think of the ‘slims so destroying any hope of a tourist industry that they all starved.
    Former in-laws are missionaries in Senegal, and oversaw the translation of the Bible into Wullu (local language)It was astonishing the progress they made when people could read for themselves what it said.

    • Agreed that the Bearded Savages are killing the tourist goose that lays golden eggs.

      About the reading thing, the problem with Islam is that not many individual Muslims can read Arabic and they are discouraged from reading translations as the Mullahs say that ‘translations do not bring out the beauty of the qu’ran’. If you have a population that is illiterate anyway then they are at the mercy of qu’ranic interpretations from Imams. A similar situation to that which existed in England before the Bible was published in English (Tyndall et al).

      The internet has revolutionised the knowledge of what the Qu’ran actually says (hate filled bollocks) as opposed to what the Imams tell non muslims what the Qu’ran says.

  2. Andy permalink

    Dhihevi,The local tongue i guess?

    Wouldnt be the origin of our term “Divvy” as in, thick as fuck, would it?

  3. Hajji permalink

    Sorry but you are wrong in one aspect. Bringing a copy of the Anarchists Cookbook through a British airport could get you Jailed (or even gaoled) for possessing terrorist related material.

    AS you like backing up arguments here is the reference

    If you want to see what HMRC think you could try applying for an import License at

    • Hajji permalink

      Oops we both got the name wrong there is no s its “The Anarchist Cookbook”.

      • Well did say in the intro that there will be ‘eclectic opinions set out in a badly spelled manner’ LOL

    • Thanks Haji I’ve amended this error, you could be nicked if you brought in a copy of the anarchists cook book.

  4. hajji permalink

    Strangely enough you can buy it at Amazon UK

    Read the reviews and you will see why, then buy it for your local would be terrorist.

    Now I can see how Abu Hamsa lost his hands and eye.

    • Some of the explosive concoctions were more likely to damage the wannabe terrorist than the intended target.

      LOL at Hamza line.

      Funny I heard that Hamza lost his hand in an NHS hospital, he only went in for the removal of a wart but somebody misread the doctors handwriting.

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