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Councillor Chappell – Yet another Herefordshire ‘Useful Idiot’

October 1, 2012

Useful Idiots
Originally coined by Vladimir Lenin shortly after the Russian Revolution, it refers to wealthy Westerners who favored the Bolsheviks in their revolution. It is usually followed by “The capitalists will sell us the rope we will use to hang them.”

(Related update:  See Cllr Chappell speaking for less choice in education here       )


Today’s ‘Useful Idiot’ is Councillor Chris Chappell who is the Labour Party councillor for St Martins and Hinton ward in the City of Hereford. He has been cheer-leading both for the idea of a mosque being imposed on Hereford and also the forcible (and enforced) cultural diversification of Herefordshire.

This councillor is from the same Labour party that during its 13 years of misrule propped open the doors to this nation and allowed in not just those with the skills and investment which the country desperately needs, but also those who do nothing but commit crime and claim benefits, and also more worryingly to far too many followers of the fascistic creed of Islam, a creed that has done great harm to this country.

Cllr Chappell follows the same Labour party that ruined the British economy, who created more authoritarian laws in less time than any other government in UK history. Laws to govern what people say, write and think, laws to govern where people can smoke and drink, laws to control the movement of the individual the imposition of surveillance on the whole population and laws to harass the nominally law abiding citizen of the UK. To put things into perspective the Labour Party introduced 14,300 new offences since taking office in 1997, with Gordon Brown’s administration inventing ‘crimes’ at a rate of more than one a day.

This is the party of Councillor Chris ‘Useful Idiot’ Chappell who wants to pander to Islam and establish it in Hereford against the wishes of many of those who live in and contribute to the County.

What is extremely worrying is that the Islamic group he is pandering to is not a bunch of quietists or Islamic reformists (which would make me less opposed to them) but a group that wants to aggressively evangelise Hereford citizens in order to persuade them to convert to Islam (the use of the word ‘revert’ on the site to describe converts to Islam is extremely instructive as it assumes that everyone is Muslim really). The group involved, Hereford Masjid, also want to bring to Hereford, an Islamic Jurisprudence Board or as it is more commonly known, a Shariah Court.

Councillor Chappell showing utter contempt for his constituents in particular and the residents of the county as a whole, referred to those who oppose the philosophy of Islam as ‘hill-billys’. Councillor Chappell said to the Hereford Times:

At a time when Mo Farah, a Muslim, made us proud to be British, it is embarrassing to read these sad, racist, hill-billy remarks,” he added.

With the ever-expanding growth of Herefordshire, we need to be able to welcome people from all across the world whatever their faith, or no faith.”

The issue of loyal high achieving immigrants such as Mo Farah is not the issue here, never was and never should be. Nor are there negative issues about those for example who came here fleeing the Nazis on the Kindertransport in the 1930’s and by other means at that dreadful time, nor those who fled Communism or other forms of oppression and who have shown massive gratitude to the UK for saving their lives by contributing in diverse ways to our society. Such people are an asset not a problem and should rightly be celebrated. For example if you shop at Marks and Spencer or Tesco you are buying at enterprises created by dynamic and resourceful immigrants to the UK who started out with market stalls and went on to build global businesses.

The issue at hand today is not ‘racism’ (because Islam is not a race) but the question do we want in Hereford a branch of a philosophy that has threatened, abused and sometimes killed British troops, has blown up our trains, buses and airports? Islam is a religious-political philosophy that has turned a blind eye when its adherents treat British children as sex abuse fodder and which has corrupted any local authority that it has been allowed to influence.

Do we want Hereford to look like Luton or have the appalling problems of Rochdale? I and others do not but in Councillor Chappell we have one ‘useful idiot’ who doesn’t appear to think such things are problems. However, unlike Neville Meredith the local diversity officer, or Police Superintendent Hills, we can at least chuck Cllr Chappell out of office at election time.

Don’t vote for Islam being imposed on Hereford, don’t vote for Councillor Chappel. Make him pay at the ballot box for insulting his constituents by calling the good and kind people of Hereford, ‘hill-billy’s’.

For his comments and naivety Cllr Chappel is my selection for today’s Herefordshire Useful Idiot.

If you want to contact him to politely voice your displeasure then his details can be found here on the Herefordshire council website.

Finally I back up my words with the most reputable and informed sources I can find. Please view the sources below you may find them interesting and useful.


Labour creates one new ‘crime’ per day

Labour’s immigration boom (1)

Labour’s immigration boom (2)

Labour’s immigration boom (3)

Councillor Chappell’s Hereford Times comments

Page on the Kindertransport

History of Marks and Spencer

History of Tesco

Rochdale Islamic Child Abuse Cases

Daily Telegraph Journalist Andrew Gilligan on how the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has turned into an ‘Islamic republic’

Vote rigging in Islamic areas in the UK

Here is the website of the Hereford Masjid (Mosque) group showing not only the presence of an Islamic Judiciary Board (Shariah Court) but also a Da’wa (Islamic evangelism) team and a Madrassa. For those who do not know a madrassa is an Islamic school. A place where hatred of non muslims will almost definitely be taught possibly using hate filled teaching materials from Saudi Arabia.

The atheist polemicist Pat Condell on the phenomenon of Islamic Cultural Terrorism.

Website detailing international attacks inspired by Islam

Neville Meredith Hereford’s ‘useful idiot’ diversity officer

Police Superintendent Hills Hereford’s ‘useful idiot’ Police Officer

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Of course, all these murderous fuckpigs, oops, good muslims, will now happily integrate and allow their sons and daughters to mix and mingle freely with all their (nominally) Christian neighbours. If councillor shit-for-brains believes THAT one, I have a marvellous bridge across the Thames he might be interested in.
    PS: You may like this site

    • Robert, not every Musilim is an arsehole but this Hereford Masjid group have not in my opinion been entirely honest with councillors and council officers etc. I don’t think they’ve been honest about the presence of a Sharia Court and the Masjid has been rapidly editing their site since this row blew up to remove the term ‘dedicated Dawa team’ to read Dawa for community cohesion’ The fact that they are editing their site possibly in response to queries tells me a lot.

      Also the use of the term ‘revert’ with respect to conversion to Islam is one that I’ve seen on extremist and expansionist islamic resources.

      The Hereford Masjid has been involved in a low level PR campaign in Hereford to push their plans.

      If you”ve got a bridge to sell to Cllr Useful Idiot Chappell then I’ve also got shares in the Statue of Liberty that he might like to buy.

      Thanks for the link, I know about the Vlad Tepes site but I try not to link to it as I feel that it sometimes crosses the line into having a go at muslims as individuals not only the ideology of Islam itself.

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    Well, to paraphrase slightly….”Not every muslim is an arsehole, but lately every arsehole seems to be a muslim”
    Also, let’s not forget, that sometimes muslims as individuals deserve all the abuse they get, and then some.

    • Yup that is similar to not every muslim is a terrorist but most terrorists seem to be followers of Islam.

      Agree that sometimes specific individuals such as Abu Hamza and Anjem Choudhury do deserve what they get.

      It’s a shame that we cannot intern Choudhury firstly because it would get him out of the way and the ensuing fuss from other bearded savages would help them to be identified for later legal action.

  3. UPDATE: The local authority in Hereford is having one of those consultation thingy’s where people can come along and be vocal about local services. There may well be councillors there so why not come along and voice your opinion about not only the proposed mosque but other things that as a Herefordian you are concerned about whether it be the ESG or the current performance of The Bulls. The event is being held in Belmont Community Centre in the south of the City of Hereford.
    The postcode for the community centre if you are using sat nav and Googlemaps is HR2 7UQ and details about the centre can be found at:

  4. A stringer for this site went to the consultation thingy and apparently it was the usual fake guided consultation so beloved of councils everywhere (where a council has made up their minds on priorities but want some veneer of approval for it to justify the policies). The meeting was attended by Cllr Chappell who blanched visibly when challenged on the spending of money on such things as diversity officers.

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