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Bearded Savages of the Day Number 12.

September 27, 2012

To Indonesia for the first of today’s stops on the Bearded Savage tour with shining examples of Islamic tolerance in action. Islamic political groups in the country are throwing the toys out of the pram because one of their city mayors is ‘an infidel’.

The Jakarta Globe newspaper website said:

”Joko Widodo and deputy Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s victory in Jakarta gubernatorial election has prompted an open-ended question regarding the Muslim majority’s degree of acceptance toward non-Muslim executive leaders.”

The liberal intellectuals of Indonesia have pointed out that this it is a positive move for a non Muslim to be voted in to such a high office.

The newspaper added:”

“Like it or not, Jakarta can become a barometer for Indonesia,” said Iberamsjah, a political expert from the University of Indonesia. “If a non-Muslim can be accepted in the capital, he or she should be accepted across the country. Don’t be surprised if more good, quality leaders from the minority groups emerge.”

However, all this democratic fluffiness is spoiled by the Bearded Savages (what a surprise)

The Jakarta Globe said that there were objections to non Muslims holding high office, the paper continued:

“On the other hand, however, pressure is growing within fundamentalist Muslim circles that are unwilling to accept a non-Muslim occupying the mayoralty or gubernatorial chairs to rule a Muslim-majority population.

They say that Joko’s victory, which propelled Basuki to prominence in the capital, spells danger for their future propagation efforts. The theory that these fundamentalists are promulgating is that Joko will not serve the full five-year term because he will be nominated by political parties to run for the presidency in 2014. That move would leave Jakarta’s governorship in the hands of Basuki.

Likewise, Joko’s chair in Solo will be automatically filled by vice mayor FX Rudyatmo, a Catholic who will lead a Muslim-majority population. This is unacceptable to some of the more hard-line Muslim groups.

They refer to Basuki and Rudyatmo as “infidels” who should not become their leaders at any cost.”

The commander of the Islamic Defenders Front said:

“We cannot accept being led by an infidel. Muslims cannot be led by infidels. We will form a Shariah council to make Solo a Shariah city.”

What a lovely tolerant ‘religion’ is Islam. It cannot tolerate a region being led by a non Muslim. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Bearded Savage environment?

Source Jakarta Globe

Our second stop sees us in India where the Indian Express is reporting that Taliban members are going to try to kill Prince Harry for the prophet Mohammed.

The news site relays a Daily Star story that alleges that British followers of Islam are involved in a plot to kill the Prince.

The Indian Express said:

“A Taliban spokesman has claimed that thousands of British-born Muslim attackers are prepared to give their lives for prophet Mohammed and slay Prince Harry.

Qari Yousef Ahmadi, a spokesman for Taliban, has said hundreds of young men are leaving their loved ones in the UK to train with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“We have thousands of attackers ready to give up their lives for the prophet Mohammed and kill the prince. That is our intention. They come from all over the world – from England, Pakistan,” the Daily Star quoted Ahmadi, as saying. “They will lay down their lives so that the world will know our anger. The British and American invaders are not welcome in this land and must leave,” he added. “

No country likes to be invaded (although it could be argued that Afghanistan was a legitimate target and was harbouring Jihadist terrorists but that is not relevant right now) so in that case is it possible that Her Majesty’s Government could do something about the invasion of Islamic Nazi’s, that we are suffering from in the UK? I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.

The Express of India quoting the Daily Star continued:

”British soldiers have already reported hearing English voices and finding insurgents with Premier League football tattoos during their time in Afghanistan, the paper said.

RAF surveillance planes monitoring Taliban radio signals have picked up Yorkshire and Midlands accents, it added.”

How long are we going to tolerate this Islamic fascist fifth column in the UK? A fifth column that more often than not is being sustained by welfare payments squeezed from the British taxpayer.

Not all British Muslims are disloyal but there appear to be far too many followers of Islam who are disloyal to the UK. You’d think with so many followers of Islam in receipt of some form of UK welfare (75% for Islamic women and 50% for Islamic men according to a story in the Daily Telegraph) that they would be grateful for not starving and therefore work towards eradicating those extremist currents in UK Islam?

However, MI5 the Security Service for the UK estimated that in 2007 there were 1200 active Islamic terrorists with approximately another 2000 sympathisers. I would suppose that number has climbed since then. That is not only a lot of Islamic terrorist nut-jobs but also a lot of UK followers of Islam keeping quiet about dangerous co-religionists. A worryingly significant minority of UK followers of Islam are supportive of either Sharia Law being imposed and/or are supporters of terror as a means of political action.

Sometimes it seems as if the more followers of Islam an area or country has then the more problems there are with Bearded Savagery.

Prince Harry under threat.

Source for welfare rate for followers of Islam.

Source for number of Islamic terrorists and sympathisers

Source for British Islamic opinion polls.


Hat Tip – The Religion of Peace

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