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Islamic child sex gangs, the scale of the problem starts to become apparent

September 24, 2012

Today’s Times of London carries the shocking front page story that a significant amount of child sex abuse has not only been carried out by Islamic offenders against non-Muslim children, but that the scale of this depravity has been locked away in confidential papers which have now been seen by the Times.

The Times (sadly behind a pay-wall) said:”Confidential police reports and intelligence files that reveal a hidden truth about the scale and extensive use of English children for sex are exposed today. They show that for more than a decade organised groups of men were able to groom, pimp and traffic girls across the country with virtual impunity. Offenders were identified to police but not prosecuted. A child welfare expert, speaking under condition of anonymity, said that agencies’ reluctance to tackle such street-grooming networks was “the biggest child protection scandal of our time”

It seems that the mainstream media is catching on to the extent of organised Islamic pedophilia and ephebophilia going on in many of our towns, especially those in Labour Party heartlands such as South Yorkshire (where else I wonder).

The South Yorkshire cases go back over a decade and not only show the extent of the abuse but also how the police didn’t arrest or prosecute the offenders possibly for fear of upsetting ‘community relations’.

The internal police and social services report seen by the Times contained what the newspaper called ‘explosive details’ about the men responsible for the most serious coordinated abuse.

It seems that although many in the mainstream media have sought to deny that there was a cultural aspect to these crimes, this report squashes that view. The Child Protection expert who was one of the sources for the Times story was quoted as saying:”Possibly the most shocking threat is the existence of substantial and organised offender networks that groom and exploit victims on a worrying scale’.

The paper quotes the confidential report as saying:”Practitioners throughout the force state there is a problem with networks of Asian (‘for that read Muslim’, italicised comments are F211’s) offenders both nationally and locally. This was particularly stressed in Sheffield and even more so in Rotherham, where there appears to be a significant problem with networks of Asian (that word again) exploiting young white females.

The Times added that another confidential report from 2010 commissioned by the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board noted that the crimes had ‘cultural characteristics…which were locally sensitive in terms of Diversity’. The 2010 report went on:”There are sensitivities of ethnicity with the potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships. Great care will be taken in drafting…this report to ensure that it’s findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of Diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided”

So it appears that members of our wonderful Diversity industry covered up horrendous levels of organised child sex abuse in order to make sure they picked up diversity brownie points. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am at this revelation.

The way the police, local authorities and social services have behaved in these cases is appalling. In one case a girl known to Social Services and known to have been abused by ‘Asian’ men from the age of 12 was offered language lessons in Urdu and Punjabi. The aim of this the Times said was to ‘engage her in education’.

In other related cases police were called to a house where a father was outside demanding the release of his 14-year-old daughter who was inside with a group of British Pakistani adults. Police entered the building and found the girl drugged and underneath a bed. None of the ‘Asian’ men were arrested but the girl’s father was arrested for racial harassment and the daughter was arrested for assault. The Times also relays the case of an abused girls mother who copied the names, numbers and text messages of 177 ‘Asian’ men including a police officer from her daughters mobile phone after the 13-year-old went missing for five days. Police refused to use the information the girls mobile phone on the grounds that it would infringe the ‘Human Rights’ of the men and the girl concerned.

This is sadly not a recent phenomena, as a Home Office funded report commissioned in 2002 criticised police for treating young victims of Islamic nonce gangs as ‘deviant and promiscuous’. When the police identified the abusers involved the Home Office found that these men were never ‘questioned or investigated’ according to the report quoted in The Times.

For the last decade it seems that Rotherham (a Labour Council) has hushed up terrible child sex abuse in order to not upset the bearded savages in their town, including in one appalling case censoring the publication of a Safeguarding Children Board report into the murder of a 17-year-old girl by British Pakistani men suspected of using her for sex since she was 11 years old.

It’s worth buying the Times today if only to see why I am so bloody angry at this cover up of Islamic child sex abuse.

Those people who think that the presence of a mosque in their town or city is no different from the presence of a church of a synagogue or a Hindu temple should ask themselves if they really want the organised noncing that sadly seems to accompany Islamic communities not just in Rotherham but according to the Times in Bristol, and across whole swathes of the North and Midlands of the UK.

It’s time to nail the lie that the preponderance of Islamic nonces involved in organised grooming gangs is nothing to do with Islam. Much of this preponderance is down to a general bad attitude to women in Islam and a view that they are nothing more than possessions. This attitude is reflected in how Islam treats our children.

Buy the Times today and show it to your friends especially the naïve and unknowing ones, the scale of this problem needs to be much more widely known. To conclude we’ve had enough of the politicians and police obfuscations about Islam and I think that whenever the ‘useful idiots like this one and this one, pipe up about Islam then they should be politely told to not speak without engaging their brain because it’s so obvious to me at least that this is what they are doing.


The Times website (£)

Hereford Police ‘useful idiot’

Hereford Diversity Officer ‘useful idiot’

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Time for a few heads on stakes, the bastards will understand that well enough. The police seem to find it hard to understand why they are held in greater and greater levels of contempt, perhaps a few of them should read this.

  2. I agree about the heads on stakes thing, it’s time for some form of concerted action against those who prey on children. The police come out with the sort of guff that Supt Hill comes out with and then they wonder why the police are not trusted to uphold the law equitably.

    If anything this story confirms the state of moral bankruptcy that pervades much of Britain’s diversity industry.

  3. “In a statement, Mrs Mumtaz’s family said their loved one was a ‘happy, confident and beautiful young woman’.

    They hoped the case would help ‘raise awareness of the issues faced by Naila and young people like her’, adding: ‘We need to empower people who are vulnerable and isolated to seek help in these circumstances.’”

    Breathtaking chutzpah!

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