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Support Free Speech, Ridicule Mohammed

September 23, 2012

The aggressive Islamic nuttery shown over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the Innocence of Muslims film that grossly insult the Muslim prophet Mohammed (and why not, there’s plenty of material there) showed us just where one of the threats to free speech lies.

The threat lies with firstly the culture of Islam. It is to be frank pre modern and is way past the time for it to face a reformation. It appears that Islamic culture cannot co-exist with the concepts of free speech and equality of the sexes, or the right to belong or not belong to a religion, or a whole gamut of other freedoms. The second threat is with the fellow travellers of Islam who want to shut down debate on the activities of Islamic communities, groups and specific individuals. Those can be found in the diversity industry and those who cry ‘racism‘ when Islam is challenged not only chill the environment for free speech but also grossly misuse the word ‘racist’ and for that, and much else, they should be ashamed.

At present however in the UK, it is in the realms of free speech that Islamic nuttery has made a significant negative impact.

I remember I first encountered this Islam inspired chilling of free speech during the furore over the TV programme Death of a Princess (on this occasion and at this time the broadcasters resisted calls from the Saudi Government for a ban and broadcast the programme anyway, would that happen now I wonder). Then came the Rushdie affair and I recall being shocked that in the UK we had bearded savages in Bradford prepared to burn books in a troubling echo of May 10, 1933 .

The third thing that convinced me that something was not quite right with Islam was when I had to attend a meeting of a small Lesbian and Gay Group that catered for members of the Islamic community somewhere in the UK. The level of fear that the participants exhibited about their own co-religionists was palpable. I was astonished as it was the first time I’d been to such a meeting (the company I worked for sold a lot of their product into the LGBT market) where there were armed police officers on both entrances and exits. Such was the terror of the participants about the possible reprisals from the wider Islamic community, that this event was one where the evening social had to be at a secret location and where a mortal fear of discovery reigned.

The fact that Islamic nutters could give this much fear to a bunch of harmless eccentrics who wanted to work out a way towards a non hateful Islam was shocking, but it was even more shocking that this was happening in the United Kingdom. It should not have been allowed to happen, because what the bearded savages get away with, with one group, you can bet your bottom dollar that another group will get it next. To make a historical comparison, the Nazi’s didn’t stop with killing only the Jews and neither will Islam.

First it’s women, then gays, Christians, Jews, free thinkers, Hindus, Pagans, atheists and much else until all live under the same fears and terrors of Islam, Under Islam anyone who thinks or sees things differently will face the same or worse fears than the eccentric LGBT group mentioned above.

As Geert Wilders said ‘The Lights are going out all over Europe’. An Islamic culture that does not respect free speech is demanding respect which is not an attitude of healthy reciprocity. We should not respect those who do not respect us and do not respect free speech. Free speech was one of the dearly bought achievements of the Western Judaeo-Christian world, it should not be surrendered to Bearded Savages. Cultures are NOT equal, get over it.

People in the UK have the right to speak out about that which they disagree with, which is a right that many people in the world do not have and should be used and cherished. The Islamic nations are pits of oppression in comparison. Although free speech is under threat from speech codes imposed by the ‘racism and diversity’ industry, which affects much of how our mainstream national and local press reports Islam, it is not too late to speak up and speak out by as many other means as possible.

It may be a quarter to midnight on the British Free Speech Clock but we can still show our displeasure and call the Islamic ‘prophet’ whatever we bloody want.

The more the Islamofash riot, the more people will see just how incompatible much of Islamic culture is with modern societies. The more the Islamofash riot and murder and rape, the more people will start to question whether this Mohammed dude was really as good as Islam says he is. Kicking off will cause more questions to be asked and the more questions that are asked about Islam the better, in my view.

It is in the spirit of free speech, the concepts of which in the UK go back to the 1689 Bill of Rights that I take this opportunity to tell Islam to just bugger off, I and others are completely fed up with your violent sorry-arsed ‘culture’ and also fed up with the morons in the police, the press and government who fill their pockets with our money in order to pander to Islamic whines and demands.

Further to supporting free speech here is a link to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Secondly here is a hilarious and grossly insulting video about how Moo-Ham-Head got his name. I have a feeling that this film originates from the parts of the Indian sub continent that do not have the misfortune to be run by bearded savagery.

Finally, lets all laugh at the funny antics of the Islamic bearded savages. After all one of the things that tyrants hate (and lets face it Islam is a tyranny) is the laughter of those they are trying to tyrannise. We made fun of Napoleon, we made fun of the Kaiser, we made fun of Hitler, we make fun of our politicians so let’s make fun of a 7th century desert dwelling mentally unbalanced nonce and the idiots who follow him.

Lets all call Mohammed a bastard, firstly because it looks like it’s true according to the Qur’an and secondly because we can, thirdly because in order to support free speech we must exercise this right.


Links Death of a Princess Nazi Book Burning May 10th 1933. The Lights are going out all over Europe Charlie Hebdo Cartoons The Rushdie Affair  Local Newspaper censorship?

  1. You referred to the ‘culture’ of Islam when, in my opinion, you should have referred to the ‘cult’ of Islam. Like all cults, it demands a tunnel-visioned view by its followers; it denies any other points of view; it meets any difference of opinion, not by reason or logical argument, but by threats and character assassination; If a member of Islam chooses to leave it, they are threatened with a life-long vendetta of revenge, causing many to live in fear for the rest of their lives; only those at the top if the ‘Islamic pyramid’ enjoy the fruits of the power given to them by their followers, with those lower down the chain, being nothing but subservient slaves to the whims and wishes of those above them. The fact that Islam has lasted much longer than any other recorded cult shows just how dangerous it is. It has one function – not to joyfully embrace the peoples of this planet into a happy, sharing, religion, but rather to force those not currently members of Islam to submit to a prophet who is unable to make up his mind about many things, contradicts himself in sharing the word of God and who, as has been shown, is a paedophile, slave trader, adulterer, murderer, liar and thief. The greater danger is that the majority of other, weaker, religions which ’embrace’ the views of others, will be destroyed, just as the sandcastles on a beach are destroyed by the constantly pounding waves. When was the last time you saw a Muslim at a demonstration with a placard saying something like, “I disagree with your point of view” or “I believe I follow the true religion”? Instead you se placards which threaten death, name non-muslims as vermin and, especially in UK, show their hatred of the men and women who serve this country with the honour and respect which Muslims refuse to show to them while at the same time demanding that same respect. Islam is a cult, not a culture and certainly not a religion.

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    What Pense said!
    There is NO. POSSIBILITY. WHATEVER of any reform or renaissance in islam for one very simple reason; mo the child molester was given the verses of the koran direct from god (this allah fake so not capitalised)through the agency of the angel Gabriel. Since this is direct from god it is automatically perfect and can never be changed by a single syllable.
    Any muslim who tells you different is a lieing bastard who is using taquiya (telling lies to the infidel to boost the cause of islam)

    • Robert, I concur that reform will be difficult if not impossible whilst Islam still has the concept of Mohammed being hed perfect man. People in the west look at mohammed and see that he is a dodgy charachter.

  3. Robert the Biker permalink

    The quote is “mohammed is the perfect man, for ALL TIMES AND PLACES”, therefore to these 7th century shitheads, it is impossible to change anything or to have islam without mo.
    The fact that we normal people can see that he was a nutter who quite probably suffered from epilepsy (hence all the flopping about on the floor when his moon devil talked to him)makes no odds to the whiny muslims.

    • It’s this perfect man bollocks which is the biggest problem. If you look at the prophets of the Hebrew Bible you will find that in no way were they regarded as perfect men, not even Moses who was forbidden to enter the Promised Land because of his actions.

      I agree that when normal people examine the Koran we can see objectively that Mo was a murderous epileptic nutter however in Islam they seem to like murderous nutters.

  4. Miss Chips permalink

    There is a truly chilling post at Rational Islam, in which the author quotes an Islamic Q&A site recommended by a Muslim friend:

    I heard on a tape that whoever insults the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) should be executed even if he shows that he has repented. Should he be killed as a hadd punishment or because of kufr? “

    Both question and response seem to take the killing for granted – it is, it appears, the choice of justification that matters. In illustration, the answer quotes a ruling about a hadith referring to a Jewish woman killed for insulting Mohammed:

    This hadeeth clearly indicates that it was permissible to kill that woman because she used to insult the Prophet “

    The chances are, I’d say, pretty remote that anyone brought up with this could actually grasp the concept of free speech at all, let alone be persuaded to consider it an option.

    • Miss Chips permalink

      link (if permitted):

      • Yup link away.

        About the only political links I turn my nose up at here are those that bang on about Illuminati, New World Order or lizards or ZOG. I have a low tolerance threshold for tin foil hattery I’m afraid.

        Yeah rational islam is a good site. I’m going to reupholster my Resources section on this site and am going to add Rational Islam to the list.

    • Hi Welcome to Farenheit 211 Miss Chips.

      Yeah I saw that and found it chilling as well. The fact that they see us the non muslim as untermenschen is scary. How far this attitude goes into Britain’s muslim community I do not know. However if you believe the 2006 Pew Report published in the Guardian of that year ( ) then Britain’s Muslims are among the most anti western in Europe which doesn’t bode well for the future.

      I had a brief look at the Pew Report 2006 online and it starkly showed in one graphic that Muslims surveyed blamed western lack of respect for Islam because of the original MoToons. There didn’t seem to be an acceptance that the West could be right to have free speech, the blame was firmly put on the West for having free speech. There was no blame put on Islam for being on a hair trigger of offence.

      Why should I respect Islam, I don’t respect Communism or Fascism so why should I respect Islam?

  5. Pense, there are striking similarities between how Islam seems to act and how cults like those run by Jim Jones act and acted. There is the same doctrine of total submission to the leader or the idea etc. I look at Islam and I see the old Fuhrerprincip in action but instead of a ‘live’ leader theirs is back in the 7th century.

  6. I have a number of Muslim friends amongst my social group and, perhaps uniquely, they accept other points of view and comment on our differences without this affecting our friendship. Recently, however, a new (Islamic) person has joined our group and has apparently either not read our (unwritten) rules(!) or learnt that different people have different points of view or a sense of humour. He has a tunnel-visioned image of Islam (no sense of humour) and we have already come to verbal blows. After his latest tirade I asked him how a ‘perfect’ God who made ‘perfect’ people in his own image could have made a number of mistakes? If he makes women, then why is it necessary for ordinary man to change, in female circumcision, what their ‘perfect’ God has produced. After all, one would assume that if women were to have no clitoris, then the ‘perfect’ God would produce women without a clitoris. This either means that their God is not perfect or that Islamic man has taken it upon himself to alter what their ‘perfect’ God has ‘perfectly’ produced. The same goes for male circumcision. If it was necessary, then the ‘perfect’ God would have produced the ‘perfect’ man, i.e. one who was already circumcised. The fact that he hasn’t shows the arrogance of man in altering the image of the ‘perfect’ man produced by the ‘perfect’ God. He doesn’t come around any more! Shame.

    • Pense, thank you for that comment. It backs up what I say which is that there are Muslims who disregard a lot of the bollocks in the Qu’ran or can be open minded or reformist about it and therefore it should never be individuals who are attacked (you might attack someone who could be innocent or ‘on side’ so to speak) but the ideology of Islam is a free fire zone for me.

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