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Another possible Herefordshire ‘Useful Idiot’ Police Superintendent Charlie Hill

September 20, 2012

Definition of Useful Idiot:

Originally coined by Vladimir Lenin shortly after the Russian Revolution, it refers to wealthy Westerners who favoured the Bolsheviks in their revolution. It is usually followed by “The capitalists will sell us the rope we will use to hang them.”

A policeman’s lot is not a happy one so the song goes but maybe not for Police Superintendent Charlie Hill of Herefordshire. He appears to have a nice little number pandering to the ranks of the perpetually offended and apparently promoting Islam as well.

He’s stuck his head over the parapet to show his multicultural credentials by investigating alleged ‘racist’ comments on the Hereford Times Bulletin Board and on the Facebook site of the Hereford Masjid Fundraising Campaign (which has since shut down due to sheer volume of abuse).

I’m sorry Superintendent Hill, after reading your comments I think maybe you should have stayed in Traffic Division in Bow, because although you may well be quite well versed in the Road Traffic Acts most certainly your knowledge is lacking in other areas. I’m surprised that having worked in Bow, in the East of London that you do not appear to know that Islam is not a race, it is a politico-religious culture, but definitely not a race. It’s not as if there wasn’t anybody to ask, after all Bow is in what is now known colloquially as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets

You have shown your complete naivety about the whole subject with your comments to this week’s Hereford Times (scan attached to this post). You, Supt Hill, like me probably believe that attacking a person because of their race is wrong but with Islam we are dealing with an ideology not a race. You cannot choose not to be black or not to be white but you can choose your religion and your culture which is a big difference. Challenging Islam is NOT racism, whatever you may have been taught at Hendon or possibly Bramshill.

I deplore threats of violence, such as the threat to contaminate the land for the mosque, but the police might get a better haul of head banging hate-mongers, and be more usefully and profitably employed if they were to start investigating and prosecuting the far greater threats of violence promulgated by Islamic groups, and certain individuals from the Islamic community and their allies on the far left.

Supt Hill Chief of Herefordshire’s Territorial Policing Unit came out with the absolutely, for me, gobsmacking comment that the local police force would:”Vigorously support the fact that the Muslim community should have a community centre’

Since when was it part of the police regulations to actively and openly promote Islam or any other religion? Is this another example of one of Labour’s politicised police officers, paralysed by political correctness? A brief look at his biography shows me that he made most of his advancement during the Labour years. I’ll let you decide after reading the bio.

Superintendent Hill speaking to the Hereford Times added:”The police in Herefordshire have really good relations with minority groups and if you find yourself under attack for being part of a minority group then get in touch with the police’

So what about those members of the wider community including many minority groups who are historically often threatened by Islam, don’t they get protection? Don’t they get the soothing honeyed words? What about the Christians, the Jews, the Ex Muslims, the Hindus and everyone else for whom Islam isn’t just a different religion but instead is a clear and present danger? Where is your support for those citizens? Where is the special protection for them?

The police have made an appeal for information which on this occasion I hope is ignored, it should not be the police’s job to police the citizen’s speech unless there is a threat to kill. If they want threats to kill then they will find plenty of them coming from the Islamic community.

If for whatever reason ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Donald Duck’ or even ‘Slartibartfast’ wishes to confess to the alleged ‘crime’ then the man to speak to is Detective Constable Dave Bentley on 0300 333 3000.  I’m sure he would be most ready and willing to hear and act on your reports of Islamic crime hopefully better than the officers did in certain other cases where there were Islamic perpetrators of heinous crimes (see Rochdale and Charlene Downes links below).

On the subject of the newspaper articles, The Hereford Times shut down the debate (a copy of a fair bit of it is available on this blog) and has only put pro mosque letters into their letters page. The only pro mosque / community centre letter they could find was from someone in Birmingham last week and this week a guy called Patrick Walesby (a local undertaker possibly after a slice of the lucrative Islamic funeral business or again maybe just naive LOL -see below). I can imagine that a fair few of the anti mosque letters have been filed into the round filing cabinet on the newsroom floor.

Supt Hill, with your comments I really do think that you would be better off back in Traffic Division (or maybe Luton) and for this reason you are therefore my choice for ‘Useful Idiot of the Day’

Police officers such as this one make me trust the police less and less each day.

I would be grateful for a clarification from Superintendent Hill as to why he appears to be promoting the building of a mosque/Islamic community centre (same thing really) and whether or not that conflicts with a police officers duty to be as impartial as possible in the upholding of the law? Supt Hill’s comments about the proposed building struck me as anything but impartial however he ‘may’ have been misquoted, such things happen.

If you are unhappy with Superintendent Hill’s comments then please write him a polite letter of displeasure to the following address:

Police Superintendent Charlie Hill

Hereford Territorial Policing Unit

West Mercia Police Headquarters,

Hindlip Hall,

PO Box 55,

Worcester, WR3 8SP

Or he’s on Twatter via @SuptHill


Biography of Police Superintendent Hill

Worcester s Islamic Graveyard Scandal

Link to Australian TV programme on the Islamisation of Luton in Bedfordshire.

Here are some Ex Muslims who know what they are talking about on the subject of Islam

Rochdale Islamic Paedophile case

Charlene Downes disappearance

(there are other sources for this and the Charlene Downes story out there)

Funeral director who wrote the only letter that the editor has allowed this week to be included on the subject of a mosque for Hereford.

A police officer no matter how high up the career ladder is only a civilian with the power of arrest and is in the employ of the public and therefore their actions are a legitimate subject for discussion and question by other citizens. 

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    So, why do people threaten to contaminate the site? Possibly because having seen all the arse kissing by the papers, local government and now this example of our politicised plod, they have realised that it is the only action that will work. I believe there was a recent case on the continent (Italy?) Where they actually buried a dead pig or two on site and then told everyone exactly where so they could be dug up. Apparently this made the site permanently unsuitable for a mosque.
    Sad that.

    • That is the worrying thing. I recall ages ago saying to a mate that if the obvious Islam problems that we are having were not dealt with in a mainstream manner then people would freak out, especially when it looks as if there is all this arse kissing going on as you say.

      It is sad that it’s come to pig burying really.

      • We could wait till the pigs come home for these problems top be dealt with “in a mainstream manner” And YOU bloody KNOW it!

        Last few days I read, MAYBE here (?) that the camel herders are increasing at something like NINE TIMES faster than the humans!

        We have not GOT five, ten fifteen years “to put things right”, we need to act NOW!

      • There must be several big pushes to sort these problems out democratically.

        Sadly, I can see violence and conflict on the horizon I’m not encouraging it merely predicting it. There appears to be a growing knowledge that Islam’s extra privileges that have been mistakenly granted by the dozy bastards of the Left need to be removed. I can well see violence coming from the followers of Islam if that happens as when you pull people from the teat of the taxpayer then they get arsey.

        I still think that the way forward is to use law against Islamic expansionists, after all law is better than lawlessness or conflict, but for that it will require better politicians than we have at the moment.

        At the moment we have far too many Chamberlain’s in office and not enough Ronald Reagans.

      • XX There must be several big pushes to sort these problems out democratically. XX

        We have not got TIME for “Democracy”. How long do you estimate it would take, to get enough M.Ps into Parliament, to make a difference?

        We are talking DECADES!

        THEN, a “civil service” that would back them up?

        Especially when we have the media, only too willing to brand any one who sticks their head “above the parapet” as “neo-nazi”, and a public that is so dumm, they either do not care, OR they actually BELIEVE them!

        Because, of course, THAT is the easy option.

        Anything else includes THINKING. And that is something TOTALY alien to them.

        We are talking of a pack of rabid dogs that are increasing at NINE TIMES the speed of the rest of us!

        The time for “democracy” is LONG gone! NOT because I WANT it that way, but because THAT is how it IS!

      • I believe the people of England especially have not spoken yet but this apathy is cracking. Look at the way the UKIP foster couple were dealt with in Rotherham and the response to the case, the public certainly isn’t with the social work tossers. The tide of public opinion is going against keeping silent about the negative aspects of bearded savagery and its appeasers and I believe this will manifest itself in electoral results.

        I think the followers of Islam are in for a shock when more non muslim people, as I and others have done, decide to say ‘this charge of racism/islamophobia is total bollocks, I will speak out against Islamic fascism”

        Words have power, that’s why I’m really careful about being seen to either incite or condone violence, that is not my aim and will be counterproductive in the long run. The ultimate aim of anti Jihadism should be to destroy Islam as a viable philosophy, and free those who are enslaved to it, not indulge in ‘final solution’ fantasies.

        Also, you and I are not the only people who read these blogs, so do ‘our friends by the river’ and therefore things need to be kept ‘constitutional’.

      • 🙂 O.K. 🙂

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    Bit hard on the pig I admit. all those bacon sandwiches going to waste : )

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