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A tale of two court cases

bent scales

The first is of Mr Graham French who nailed a Koran to the shuttering of a former pub that is to be converted into a mosque, despite very strong objections from local people. He got a six month supervision order plus a tagged curfew.

The next case is that of Adil Rashid, 18 of Birmingham who was given a 9 month suspended youth custody sentence for the rape of a 13 year old girl who he groomed via social media.

The first case does beg the question: Would he have been arrested at all if he had nailed a Bible to a wall? Probably not would be my guess. At most the offence would have been criminal damage but because there are members of the religion of exploding to pieces and the taking of permanent offence involved, then fingerprint teams and all sorts become involved. I mean who ever heard of a the police pulling out the stops like that for other sorts of criminal damage cases, the average member of the public would be lucky indeed that the police even bothered to turn up for criminal damage to their property, let alone call in a fingerprint expert?

The second case begs another question: Would a non-Muslim rapist who had led a sheltered life be let out with just a 9 month suspended sentence for raping a 13 year old girl, of course they would not, they would most likely be on their way to prison or youth custody.

If you are not concerned that there is a growing double standard in policing and justice that is favouring Islam, then maybe comparing these two cases will make you concerned about it.


Latest news in the case against Tim Burton brought by the Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief, Fiyaz Mughal

An excellent, but sadly true in its sentiments, spoof of a piece of West Midlands Police publicity (image from Liberty GB)

The Liberty GB party has an update on their website on the trial of Tim Burton, the online radio host, who was arrested at the instigation of Fiyaz Mughal for calling Mughal a Mendacious Grievance-Monger.

Liberty GB said:

The Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief at Tell Mama UK, Fiyaz Mughal, can sleep a little easier in his bed tonight, knowing that his day of reckoning at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court has been postponed by seven weeks from the original scheduled date of Tuesday 18th February 2014. This has been done in the interests of justice and the complexity of the case – the court’s words, not ours – and it also allows the defence time to organise some expert witnesses to give evidence on behalf of Tim Burton, the Liberty GB Radio host who was charged with ‘racially aggravated harassment’ for sending a series of tweets to Tell Mama UK which Fiyaz Mughal, as director of said organisation, found to be unduly offensive.

As being merely offensive is not in and of itself yet a criminal offence in the UK, Fiyaz Mughal found it necessary to strong-arm West Midlands Police into arresting and charging Tim Burton with ‘racially aggravated harassment’ in order for his ruffled feathers to be soothed and for his overflowing sense of importance to be assuaged”

Liberty GB added:

It turns out that West Midlands Police didn’t need much in the way of strong-arming in order to appease Fiyaz Mughal’s delusions of grandeur. The integrity of our police forces has been thoroughly compromised by the politically correct pursuit of ‘diversity’ through ‘partnerships’ – one of which is actually with none other than Tell Mama UK – and this has resulted in policing policies that are more in tune with the demands ofSharia law than English law. It seems that the all-too-close association of West Midlands Police with the discredited ‘hate crime’ monitor Tell Mama may be behind the force’s eagerness to pander to Islamic cries of ‘offence’, and in effect, treat Islamic ‘blasphemy’ rules as superior to those pertaining to free speech.

I’m pleased to note that it is not only this blog which has noticed the worrying closeness between the West Midlands Police and the Tell Mama organisation. It is certainly looking as if Tell Mama have managed to corrupt, or have far too much influence with too many WMP officers. The Augean Stables which is the West Midlands Police is urgently in need of a clean out from the bottom to the top. West Midlands Police really should get their act together and be very careful in future about who then enter into partnerships with. Groups with agendas like Tell Mama should not be allowed to influence policing, they are not interested in dealing with ‘hate speech’ but only in shutting down free speech, especially speech which is critical of Islam.

It’s time for a public enquiry into West Midlands Police and their weird and wonderful mates.


Original Liberty GB story

On this and similar stories from the Fahreheit211 blog.

Tim Burton arrested at instigation of Fiyaz Mughal

Allegation that Fiyaz Mughal has been economical with the actualite

New English Review magazine on the subject of the notorious mendacious grievance-mongering taquiyya artists of Tell Mama






From Elsewhere: “The defendant has a disregard for the laws of this state,”

Parramatta City, New South Wales, the site of the latest eruption of Islamic sexual deviancy.

Can anybody guess from which community or ideology this defendant came from or followed. Could he be an extremist Methodist? Nope. What about a militant Jew? Nope. Well could he even be an angry Anglican, wrong again. Yes you were probably right with your first guess which was Muslim.

The phrase: “The defendant has a disregard for the laws of this state,” was uttered by Magistrate Caleb Franklin, at Raymond Terrace Local Court, Parramatta City, New South Wales, Australia, during the hearing of a case where a Muslim man gave his 12 year old daughter in marriage to a Lebanese Muslim man.

The HalalPorkShop blog quoting from the Parramatta Sun newspaper said:

A father who allowed his 12-year-old daughter to be married in an illegal ceremony has been refused bail, despite him arguing the child bride was a “strong-willed woman” who was “in love”.

The 61-year-old was refused bail by a Newcastle court on Wednesday after police charged him with accessory before the fact of sexual intercourse with a child aged 10 to 14 years and procuring a child under the age of 14 for unlawful sexual activity.

In refusing him bail, Magistrate Caleb Franklin said the facts indicated the defendant believed he had done nothing wrong, Raymond Terrace Local Court heard.

“Even if the allegations against him are proved he believes there is nothing wrong with the behaviour alleged,” Magistrate Franklin said.

The defendant has a disregard for the laws of this state,” he said.”

Do not those words ‘the defendant has a disregard for the laws of the state’ describe so many other of the behaviours of the followers of Islam. Does it not describe the attitudes of too many Muslims who disregard the laws on female genital mutilation, under-age marriage, planning, equality, health and safety, electoral honesty, fiscal probity etc etc.

What a vile Islamic freak this father is. Not only did he convert to an ideological path that treats women like dirt, he then brainwashed his child into believing that a 7th century paedophile should be an object of veneration, convinced her that she should marry illegally and then married her off to another Islamic nonce.

This story is another proof that the ideology of Islam is in, and of itself, poison. Nonces can come from all communities but Islam, alone of all the major faiths, normalises noncing. To Islam having sex with a pubescent or pre-pubescent girl is embedded in Islam’s theological and cultural DNA and this is another reason why the ideology of Islam should not be treated the same as other faiths or ideologies. This is Islam, the destroyer of women and girls, and a sickness that encouraged a father to disregard his daughters best interests, and instead allegedly allowed her to be raped, because Allah and Mohammed willed it. A sick man following a sick ideology.  


From Elsewhere: And the followers of Islam wonder why they are disliked and hated so much.

More Islamo-scum that Britain does not need.

The likes of the proved to be dodgy anti Islamic hate crime ‘monitor’ Tell Mama are often bemoaning the fact that Islam and its followers are disliked.  They can’t see that when a significant minority of a group, in this case Muslims, commits offences of rape, terror, drug dealing, violence, child grooming and sedition with alarming regularity, it doesn’t tend to do a lot for that groups popularity.

Other groups who have moved to the UK have realised that ‘the law of the land is the law’ but too many Muslims have not understood that.  Neither have they understood that if you treat your hosts like dirt and try to impose your minority rules on everyone else, then people will react against you.

A case in point is about the latest lot of Bearded Savages with whom Britain could very well do without.

The BBC reports how a Muslim man and his wife ‘mocked the floral tributes’ laid out in rememberance of Fusileer Lee Rigby who was killed in an Islamic murder attack in Woolwich south east London in May 2013.

The BBC said:

“A British Muslim has pleaded guilty to posting videos on YouTube glorifying the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Royal Barnes, 23, of Hackney, east London, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south-east London, last May.

In one of the videos, he hailed the murder as a “brilliant day” and in another he mocked the outpouring of public grief, the Old Bailey heard.

His wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, also uploaded the videos online.

The trial has been adjourned for sentencing reports to be prepared.

In one of the videos posted under his account Musa Real Talks, Barnes laughed uncontrollably as he drove past floral tributes for Fusilier Rigby.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder.

His wife, who had insisted on wearing a veil in court, had admitted disseminating a terrorist publication at a previous hearing and is awaiting sentence.

Barnes, who associated with one of Fusilier Rigby’s murderers Michael Adebowale, also posted on Facebook the offer of a reward for avenging the rape of an Iraqi woman.”

Read the rest here:

If I was the BBC I’d be putting the word British in quote marks because there is nothing British about this piece of Islamic scum or his idiot, presumably convert wife.

I would bet almost any money that if the boot was on the other foot and it was a non-Muslim gloating over the destruction of a mosque then groups like Tell Mama would be tut-tutting about it and whining about ‘racism’.  If we laughed at something similar although not as serious as murder, such as the tragic and unnecessary attack on a Hull Imam that left him partially blinded, don’t you think that the Islamic outrage bus would be full to bursting?  The fact that Islamic outrage, un-tempered by weasel words, did not happen after the Woolwich Islamic murder, should tell us a great deal indeed about Islamic attitudes to both the culture and society of the UK and the Woolwich murder itself.

This is just one example of why Islam is disliked, maybe groups who whine about Muslims being disliked should stop being permanently and too often violently ‘offended’, and deal with the problems that are so often caused by Islam and its deviant followers.

Reciprocity, it’s not really a difficult concept to understand is it? If you don’t want to be hated, then don’t kill our soldiers, rape our children, corrupt our local government, lie, be welfare parasites, make outrageous demands, evangelise our school pupils, or turn our streets in to dangerous battlegrounds.

We the Briton, made Muslims welcome, and we do not seem to have got much back in return.


From Elsewhere: Yet another reason why Israel should not make peace with the Fakestinians


Rachel’s Tomb today showing high security needed to protect the site from attack by Bearded Savages posing as ‘Palestinians’ (Picture courtesy of soccerdad


Rachel’s Tomb many years ago before the Jew hatred which is inherent in Islam was stirred up again.

Those who believe that an Arab doesn’t keep his word have been given further ammunition for their argument by the reported violent actions of ‘Palestinians’ towards Jews who wish to pray at the tomb of the Jewish matriarch Rachel.  The tomb of Rachel (Heb: Kever Rachel) has been in the Bethlehem area for approximately 3,500 years, so it is not exactly something that is a recent addition to the area.

However, for the Jew hating Arab squatters of the West Bank, who are mistakenly referred to as ‘Palestinians’, the idea of a Jewish place of worship in a place that they wish to make Judenrein, is anathema to them.  Extreme violence has been used by Arabs against Jewish worshipers at the Tomb of Rachel in order to prevent Jews from praying there.  For those who do not know the Tomb of Rachel is a place where some childless Jewish women go to ask the Eternal One for help in conceiving a child.

The Arab violence aimed at people who wish to do nothing but peacefully pray is appalling and the issue of safety and security there has been debated in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

The Israeli news source Arutz Sheva reports:

“The Interior Committee discussed a bill presented by MK David Azulai (Shas) on Tuesday, which addressed the “continuous harassment of Jews visiting Kever Rachel,” the tomb of the Jewish matriarch Rachel from the Torah.

During the course of the discussion, which was moderated by MK Zevulun Kalfa (Jewish Home), Azulai explained he had raised the issue due to the increase in the frequency of terrorist attacks around Kever Rachel.

He noted the 1993 Oslo Accords guaranteed Jews prayer access to the site, adding, “if this is what the agreements look like, we need to be very concerned.”Massive Arab mobs frequently hurl explosives at visitors, police and soldiers at the site.

Azulai remarked that the roughly 3,500-year-old tomb has been surrounded by massive security walls, a step made necessary as around 200 terror incidents occurred at the site in 2013, with 119 explosives being thrown in the course of 78 of the incidents.”

Something to remember is that the 2013 figures for attacks by violent Arabs are slightly down on the 2012 figures, which should give you some idea of how bad it has been there for many years.

How can any sensible person or nation believe that they can make peace with the bunch of savage violent oath-breakers such as the ‘Palestinians’.  They and their leaders promised peace in exchange for land but have only delivered more violence.

The actions of the Palestinians show you can’t make peace with violent Arab liars whose primary desire is to wipe the whole Jewish people from the face of the earth.  We’ve seen these savage Islamics promise peace so often but never ever deliver.  The handing over to Gaza to the Arabs was supposed to bring peace, it did not but only brought rocket attacks from the Islamic psychopaths of Hamas.

A person should no more expect an Arab to abide by a peace agreement than they would trust Myra Hindley to run a nursery.

There is no peace in the hearts of too many Arabs and maybe that is because there is no heart of peace in Islam itself.


Original story from Artuz Sheva

History of Rachels Tomb



From Elsewhere: Inside the Environment Agency blog


I’ve just started reading the blog Inside the Environment Agency‘ and have been both angered and appalled at the catalogue of bad management, wasteful and inefficient practises, overmanning and alleged political corruption, that this blog has revealed.

If you want to get an idea just how crap the Environment Agency is then read the ITEA  blog.

Try this for example:

“In recent news stories, Lord Smith is accusing ministers of playing politics with the floods, but as I pointed out last year in one of my most earliest posts, politics has been a key game played by management at the Environment Agency. There have been numerous occasions where management have discussed strategic drawback from critical projects with the objective of appearing to need more funding and to cause upset among constituents of MPs they don’t like. Management have allowed personal feelings to influence how they handle incidents, and have favoured certain MPs and councillors over others. This is nothing new and is a regular part of doing business inside the Environment Agency.

As for having their hands tied by the Treasury, I presume that the abuse of working, flexitime and annual leave processes is the fault of the Treasury also? Or maybe the £31 million spent on a bird habitat instead of flood maintenance? Or how about the £395 million spent on staff (£592 million including pensions) vs £219 million on capital projects, and just £20 million on maintaining rivers.

Seems the Environment Agency is quick to play foul when the shoe is on the other foot.

Perhaps Lord Smith should air out his own cupboards and expose how management within the Environment Agency have used past incidents to gain favourable political positioning, how they spend significant amounts on political training for management/senior staff, PR staffing and programmes, and how management have used their positions to influence favoured MPs/councillors over others.

Environment Agency bosses spent £2.4million on PR… but refused £1.7million dredging of key Somerset rivers that could have stopped flooding – does that include PR staff salaries and pensions? Does it include the political training given to management and senior staff? Does it include other communications programmes with the aim of influencing public and politicians that the EA have classified under another heading (other than PR)?”

Read the rest of this and even more about the problems with EA at:

Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A Shithole volume 34

An obsession with the idea of women as being the property of men pervades the culture of the Islamic shithole of Pakistan. This often results in women having no choices in where they live, who they live with and whom and when they marry. In Pakistan women have the status of the slaves of the slaves and they have been brought to this oppressed state by the ideology of Islam.

This sense of entitlement and property that Pakistani Muslim men have regarding women is the cause of so much domestic violence aimed at Pakistani Muslim women. Far too often it breaks out into murderous savagery as in today’s example of just why Pakistan is a shithole.

The Pakistan Tribune said:

A man shot his 18-year-old daughter and a man he believed she was having an affair with in Mauza Kot Olakh on Monday. The man’s sons helped him in the crime.

Police said Muhammad Riaz had also killed his uncle, aunt and their son four years ago after a suspicion that his cousin, too, was having an affair with his daughter. His daughter had left home and had started living with her maternal grandparents.

Riaz was sentenced to death, but he had fled the jail.

Alipur Chattha police said they had registered a case against five suspects, two of whom had been arrested. Riaz, however, has yet to be arrested.

The bodies were sent to Wazirabad tehsil headquarters hospital for autopsy.”

A disturbing case but equally disturbing are the facts that not only has he killed before after he suspected his cousin was sleeping with his then 14 year old daughter but that he has also fled, or more likely been helped to escape, from jail, despite being under sentence of death. Islam has created this murderer and there are sadly many more like him, driven to murder by Islam’s attitude to women and girls, both in Pakistan itself and in the Pakistani diaspora.

The alleged involvement of the man’s sons means this crime is beyond a heat of the moment killing and places it firmly in the ‘Islamic Honour Killing’ camp. This is Islam in action with son killing sister and father killing daughter.



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